2004 IWP Participants

Biographies of 2004 IWP Participants

Aazam ABIDOV (poet, translator, b. 1974, USSR; lives in Uzbekistan). Trained in philology, fluent in Uzbek, Russian and English, and a member of the Young Poets and   Translators of Uzbekistan, a poetry school at the Tashkent National University,  Mr. Abidov is an award-winning poet whose translations into English featured the work of Usmon Nosir and Chulpon, prominent voices of the Uzbek intelligentsia.   His own poetry volumes include Miracle is on the Way (2000), released in Uzbek and English, and Love in My In (2000), in Uzbek; individual poems have appeared in numerous anthologies.   Mr. Abidov also co-edited the Uzbek translation of Muslim Life in America . He is participating courtesy of the Department of State. Abidov writing sample

Samson Oke AKOMBI (poet, essayist, children's literature, b. 1958, Cameroon) is a part-time lecturer at the Catholic University of Central Africa and a research officer at the Yaounde Pilot Linguistic Center.   A winner of the Literary Prize of the National Association of Cameroonian Poets and Writers, Mr. Akombi's publications include A Children's Adventure into Verse (1993) and Basic Notes on Modern English Grammer (1994).   He is participating courtesy of the Department of State. Akombi writing sample

Asim Mohamed AL SAIDI (poet, b. 1967, Oman) is the IWP's first writer from Oman.   Mr. Al-Saidi started crafting poetry as a student during his second year at Sultan Qaboos University. His poems have been published in an array of local and regional newspapers and magazines, and some have been broadcast on television and radio.   He is participating courtesy of the Department of State. Al Saidi writing sample (draft)

Ahmed ALAIDY (fiction writer, journalist, b.1974, Egypt) is a young writer gaining acclaim in Egypt and beyond.   Though he had no formal training in literature or creative writing, Mr. Alaidy honed his skills through independent study and working at a small publishing house.   He has written stories, scripts, and sitcoms, and in 2003, he published Being Abbas Al Abd. Now in its second printing, the novel was recently the subject of two seminars at the American University in Cairo, one focusing solely on the novel's linguistic techniques.   Mr. Alaidy has published several articles for Donia El Ghad , an Arabic language newspaper published in Canada.   Currently he is at work on a political novel set against the backdrop of 9/11.   He is participating courtesy of the Department of State.   Alaidy writing sample

Zdenka BECKER (playwright, fiction writer, translator, b. 1951, Czechoslovakia; lives in Austria) is a prize-winning fiction writer, playwright, and theater director who has lived and written for thirty years in Austria.   Her recent works include "Goodbye, Galina" (a monologue for 5 voices) and the play "Odysseus Did Not Return."  She is participating courtesy of the Max Kade Foundation. Becker writing sample

Sami BERDUGO (fiction writer, b. 1970, Israel) has published two award-winning books.   Black Girl won the 1999 Debut Book prize from Israel's Ministry of Science, Culture, and Sport and his novel, And Say It To the Wind (2002), received the Yaacov Shabtai, the Peter Shyipert, and the Bernstein prizes.   Orphans , comprised of two novellas and one short story, is forthcoming this year.   He is participating courtesy of the US-Israel Education Foundation. Berdugo writing sample

Victoria CÁCERES (novelist, professor; b. 1968, Argentina).  Her 1997 collection El Baño Turco (ãThe Turkish Bathä), like her other works, was received with a great deal of critical acclaim.   She is the author of   Monasterio (Monastery), another collection, and the novels El Tono de Azul Faltante (The Lacking Tone of Blue) andEl Gran Vidrio (The Large Glass).  She contributes to the Argentine dailies, such as La Nación, La Prensa, and Clarin, and magazines like V de Vian.  She is currently an English professor at St. Paul's School of English in Buenos Aires.   She participates courtesy of the Department of State. Caceres writing sample

CHEN Danyan (fiction, non-fiction, children's literature; b. 1958, China), after studying Chinese literature at Eastern China Normal University, became editor of  Children's Epoch and translator of children's literature. As an independent writer and journalist she subsequently produced documentaries for Shanghai TV, and wrote a large number of stories and novels for both young people and adults.   Her debut,The Chinese Girl (1984), won the Shanghai Young Writers Prize.   In 1992, A Girl(also known as Nine Lives ) won the Austrian national Youth Book Prize and the UNESCO Literature of Tolerance gold prize. The themes of her 1998 collectionShanghai Princess , which dwelt on women and the only-one-child generation, marked a new genre.   Since 1997, she has been famous for her Shanghai stories, translated to Japanese, Vietnamese and English.   Over 50 of her books appeared in China, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Taiwan.   She lives in Shanghai, and participates courtesy of the Freeman Foundation. Chen Danyan writing sample

Kurt FOLCH (poet, translator; b. 1970; Chile) is nationally recognized for his creative work.   He has published two volumes of poetry, Nocturnal Trip (1996) andThera (2002), and several translations of English literature, including Marianne Moore's poetry and Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor, receiving awards and scholarships along the way.  At the same time he has facilitated creative poetry workshops at both universities, and at private cultural centers.  He is participating courtesy of the Department of State. Folch writing sample

Helon HABILA (poet, fiction writer, b. 1967, Nigeria) began his career in journalism, a s the literary editor for the Lagos-based Vanguard Newspaper.  In 2000, he won two of the country's major literary awards for his poem, "Another Age,"and for his short story, "The Butterfly and the Artist."  In 2001, his short story, "Love Poems,"  won him the coveted Caine Prize for African Writing.   Then his debut novel, Waiting for an Angel (2003), which follows the difficulties faced by a young journalist writing under military rule in a country like Nigeria, won the Commonwealth Prize for Best First Book, African Region.  He is currently the African Writing Fellow at the University of East Anglia in the UK and has a new novel, Measuring Time, due out in 2005.   Mr. Habila is participating courtesy of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation and the William B. Quarton International Writing Program Scholarship. Habila writing sample.

Michal HVORECKÝ (fiction writer, editor, b. 1976, Czechoslovakia; lives in Slovakia) is a prize-winning short-story writer, whose work has also appeared in German, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, Slovenian and English.   His second book,Hunters & Gatherers (2001), was the prose bestseller of the year in Slovakia, garnering considerable media attention; it was published in a Czech translation in 2003 by Odeon, followed by a German edition.  His third book, the novel, The Final Hit, appeared last year.  He is participating courtesy of the Department of State.Hvorecky writing sample

Khalid JAAFAR (journalist, b. 1955 Malaysia) is a well-known figure in Malay political and literary circles.   Working closely for several years with former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, Mr. Jaafar saw his political reputation tarnished when Anwar was jailed on politically motivated charges in 1999.  As the Executive Director at the Institute for Policy Research in Kuala Lumpur, he nonetheless continues to work for expanded civil rights and social causes in his homeland.   In 2003 he published Tumit Achilles ("Achilles' Heel"), and contributes regularly to Malaysian and international periodicals and journals.  He is participating courtesy of the Department of State. Jaafar Jaafar writing sample

JO Kyung-ran (fiction writer, b. 1969, South Korea) earned her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from Seoul Institute of the Arts, debuting with The French Optician (1996) which won the Donga-Ilbo Prize. That same year, her novelTime for Baking Bread won the 1st Literary Community New Writer's Award.   Her works also include Movement (1998), Origin of the Family (1999), My Purple Sofa(2000), We've Met Before (2001), Searching for the Elephant (2002), the essay " Jo Kyung Ran's Crocodile Story" (with illustrations by Junko Yamakusa, 2003),   the 2003 novella A Narrow Gate, which won the 48th Contemporary Literary Prize, and a new book to appear this November.  Her work has earned numerous literary awards, including Today's Young Artist Prize from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and has been translated into German and Japanese.  She is participating courtesy of the Korea Literary Translation Institute. Jo writing sample

Amma Raj JOSHI (AH-mah RAJ JO-shee; poet, fiction writer, professor, b. 1955, Nepal) holds a degree in English from Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, and has been teaching literature and creative writing there for the past ten years.   He is also a poet and short story author in his own right, whose work circles themes of ecology. His publications include creative writing textbooks, and essays on English literature and linguistics; currently he is readying a story collection for publication.   He is participating courtesy of the Department of State. Joshi writing sample

Maxim KUROCHKIN (mahk-SEEM kur-OCH-kin; playwright, b. 1970, USSR; lives in Russia) has been called the most talented of the new wave of Russian dramatists.   His complex, multilingual play "Steel Will" won the prestigious Anti-Booker Prize, and "Kitchen," a smash hit in Moscow, has been credited with helping steer Russian theater away from revivals, back towards contemporary work.   As an actor, he was noted for his performances in verbatim theater.   Although early in his career, Mr. Kurochkin has written fourteen plays, and has had his work adapted to film.   He is participating courtesy of the Trust for Mutual Understanding Foundation.Kurochkin writing sample

Dmitriy Vladimirovich KUZMIN (DMItree-vladiMIrovich-KHUZmin; poet, critic, translator, publisher; b. 1968, USSR; lives in Russia) attended the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Publishing and writing professionally for the last decade he has made a name for himself as one of the leading voices in contemporary Russian poetry. He is a winner of the Arion Prize for poetry and the Andrey Bely Prize for critical essays. Kuzmin founded the Vavilon Union of Young Poets, since 1989 been the organizational hub for Moscow's experimental poetry scene.   A long-time proponent of unique and radical poetic voices and an openly gay writer, Kuzmin is a somewhat controversial literary figure in Russia.   Currently, he is the deputy chief editor of Column Publishing House, which features works by contemporary Russian writers.   He is participating courtesy of the US Congress Open World Program. Kuzmin writing sample

KWON Ji-Ye (pen name of Soon-Ye Kwon) (fiction writer, scholar, b. 1960, South Korea) writes in a wide range of fictional genres.  She earned a degree in English from Ewha University, taught middle school, and received a doctoral degree from the University of Paris in 2000.  Since then, she has lectured at various Korean universities, including most recently, Donghae.  Kwon made her Korean literary debut in 1997 with the story, "The Dreaming Marionette," in the magazine,LaPlume; her story also appears in an eponymously titled collection published in 2002.  That same year, she won the Isang Literary Prize, Korea's highest award for literature for her short story, "Eel Stew," which was also translated into Chinese.  Her second short story collection was Burst of Laughter (2003) and her latest work, a novel called A Beautiful Hell, was published in early 2004 by Literature and Ideas Publishing Company.  The essay, "Kwon Ji-Ye's Paris, Paris, Paris," was published in July 2004.  Kwon, who now lives and writes full-time in Seoul, is participating courtesy of the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation.  Kwon writing sample

Sabit MADALIEV (SaBEET-maDAliev; poet, editor, journalist, b. 1949, USSR; lives in Uzbekistan) is a prominent figure in Russian-language literature of Central Asia.   His work embraces modern and traditional Uzbeki themes and poetry genres; he seeks to express them in traditional as well as in contemporary, often Western, forms.   From 1991 to 1996 he was the editor of The Star of the East , an influential, post-independence literary journal in Tashkent.   He has published ten books of poetry and fiction, as well as essays on issues of democracy and national problems in Central Asia.   An orchestrated campaign led to his ouster from The Star of the East , and to a publishing blacklist. Subsequently he worked on a World Bank Project, aimed at publicizing the Aral Sea ecological disaster; more recently, however, his dissenting views have made it impossible to find work.   His last two books are Rubai quatrains, aimed to give new life to a medieval poetic genre. After a nine-month wait for a visa, he will spend a year at the University of Iowa, serving as the International Program's first Public Intellectual.   He is participating courtesy of the Institute for International Education. Madaliev writing sample

Christopher MATTHEWS (KRIS-tah-fer MATH-yewz; poet, scholar, b. 1955, Ireland), currently lives in Lugano, Switzerland, where he is a professor of literature and composition at Franklin College.   Matthews received a bachelor's degree from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland and completed a doctoral dissertation on Ezra Pound at the University of Durham, UK.   His poetry has been published in various journals, including The American Scholar Crazyhorse, Quarto, and The Dublin Review .   He is the author of two collections of poetry, A New Life (2000), published by Switzerland's Trapdoor Press, and Eyelevel: Fifty Histories (2003), published by CavanKerry Press (US).   He is currently at work on a third collection,Tom . Christopher Matthews is participating courtesy of Franklin College. Matthews writing sample

MAUNG THA NOE (MAHNG THAH NO; poet, translator, b. Burma) is well known for introducing modern poetry into Burmese literature circles in the 1960s. His most recent translation was Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World .   Maung Tha Noe is participating courtesy of the Burma Project. Maung Tha Noe writing sample

MO Yan (MO-YEN; fiction writer, journalist; b. 1955, China), is one of China's foremost novelists, best known for his 1987 novel Hong Gaoliang Jiazu Red Sorghum ). The internationally acclaimed film adaptation, directed by Zhang Yimou, won the Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival, becoming one of China's most popular films and bringing Chinese cinema into the international mainstream.   After a childhood of extreme poverty during the Cultural Revolution, Mo worked in a factory until he joined the army in 1976.   He began writing in 1981 and graduated from the Army Academy of Art and Literature in 1986, subsequently receiving a M.A. in literature from Beijing Normal University.   In the late 1990s, he left the army to become a professional writer.   He has written dozens of short stories and ten or more novels,   translated widely.   In addition to Red Sorghum , released by Viking in 1993, titles available in English include: Explosions and Other Stories (1991), The Garlic Ballads (1995), and The Republic of Wine: A Novel (2000).   Mo Yan is participating courtesy of the University of Iowa; he will be attending the IWP 9/3ö 9/18. Mo Yan writing sample

Mahir ÖZTAS (Mah-heer Oz-tush; poet, fiction writer, essayist, b. 1951, Turkey), one of the original voices of modern Turkish literature, has been publishing poems, short stories, and novels for more than thirty years.   He graduated in architecture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul, a career that took him to Saudi Arabia, through Europe, Asia, and North Africa.   He now devotes his full time to writing.   His first book was Unutulmak Tozlari ( " Dust of Forgottenness," 1983), a collection of poems. A book of stories, Ay Gozetleme Komitesi ( ãCommittee for Moon Watching,ä 1987) followed, and won the 1988 Sait Faik Short Story Award. His 1989 collection Korku Oyunu ("Game of Fear " ) won the Yunus Nadi Short Story Award, and the novel Soguma ("Cooling Off," 1995) won the novel award from the same foundation.   He is participating courtesy of the Grace Piercy Fellowship. Oztas writing sample

Vivienne PLUMB (VI-vee-en PLUM; poet, novelist, playwright; b. 1955, Australia; lives in New Zealand) is a poet, playwright and fiction writer who won the 1993 Bruce Mason Playwriting Award for Love Knots (performed 1993, pub. 1994 and translated into Italian) and the Hubert Church Award for a first book of fiction forThe Wife Who Spoke Japanese in her Sleep (1993).  She was a founding member of the Women's Play Press in 1992 and has been the recipient of numerous fellowships and writing grants.  Her poem, "The Tank," won the 1998 NZ Poetry Society International Poetry Competition.  Plumb's recent works include two collections of poetry, Salamanca (1998) and Avalanche (2000), a novella, The Diary as a Positive in Female Adult Behavior (2000), and a novel, Secret City (2003).  A new poetry collection,Nefarious, is forthcoming this year.  Ms. Plumb was most recently employed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education.  She is participating courtesy of Creative New Zealand. Plumb writing sample

Giovanna RIVERO (fiction writer, journalist, b. 1972, Bolivia) teaches semiotics and scriptwriting at the Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, her alma mater.   She has published four short story collections: Naming the Echo (1994), The Beasts(1997), The Owner of our Dreams (2002) and To Feel the Dark (2002).   The Beastswon the 1997 Santa Cruz Municipal Prize for Literature.   Her short fiction has been anthologized in Antología del Cuento Feminino Boliviano (1997), Antología del Cuento Erótico Boliviano (2000), Voces de la Otra Orilla (2000), and The Fat Man from La Paz: Contemporary Fiction from Bolivia (2000).   In 1993 she received her first two literary awards; her 1995 essay, Latinoamérica: Pequeña Hermana Tierra, was selected for the Youth World Forum in Jerusalem.   Her most recent work is The Chameleons(2002), an erotic novel.   Ms. Rivero is a regular contributor to local and national newspapers.   She is participating courtesy of the University of Iowa.  Rivero writing sample

Jean-Marie.V. RURANGWA (zhan-maree-ruRANGHwah; playwright, essayist; b. 1959, Rwanda) has written several plays and essays about the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda.    As a child, Mr. Rurangwa and his family were moved to a refugee camp in Burundi where he began attending primary school.   He moved on to study French literature at the University of Burundi, and in 1999 received a degree in African language and linguistics at the University of Brussels.   His plays have been translated into Italian and performed in Rome.   Mr. Rurangwa currently teaches social sciences at the National University of Rwanda in Kigali, and is the artistic director of a theatre group, Izuba, and of the cultural club 'Rara Avis' there. He is participating through the generosity of the University of Iowa.  Rurangwa writing sample

Yekaterina Olegovna SADUR (yekaTEErina-oLEghovna-saDOHR; fiction writer, playwright; b. 1973, USSR; lives in Russia) attended the Gorky Literary Institute and has been writing professionally for more than a decade, after early forays into literature and translation (from French) while still an adolescent.   Sadur's fiction has been published in Russia as well as abroad; her plays are frequently performed in Moscow. In 1998 her collected stories, A Holiday for Old Women on the Sea Shore,were published by Vologda.   Sadur describes her work as an interaction between the interior world of the self and the world around. She is participating courtesy of the US Congress Open World Program, and in Iowa City from 9/16 to 9/30. Sadur writing sample

SHIMADA Masahiko (Shi-MAH-dah MAS-ah-HEE-ko; fiction writer, b. 1961, Japan ) is one of the most visible authors and commentators in Japan today.  During his studies in Russian and East European languages at Tokyo University of Foreign Languages, he published the novella A Tender Divertimento for Leftists (1983), which was named runner-up for the Akutagawa Prize.  The following year he received the Noma New Writer's Award for Music for a Somnambulant Kingdom (1984).  Other works include the novellas Cry of the Refugee Vacationers (1986) and Requiem for a Conscious Machine (1985); the short story collection Donna Anna ; and a socio-pathological study on AIDS entitled Unidentified Shadow (1987).  Several short stories and his 1989 novel Dream Messenger have been translated into English.  Shimada founded and directed a successful theater group during the 1990s.  He is currently teaching at Hosei University, and participating courtesy of the Freeman Foundation. Shimada Masahiko writing sample

Alexis STAMATIS (poet, fiction writer, journalist, librettist, playwright, b. 1960, Greece) has left few literary stones unturned.   A novelist, poet, playwright, translator, and journalist, Mr. Stamatis is the author of five novels and five collections of poems, numerous translations and magazine articles, two opera librettos, and two plays.   His most recent works are the novel Theseus Street (2003) and the poetry collection The Closer I Get the More the Future Gets Away (2004).   Mr. Stamatis worked as a writer for the 2004 Olympic Games, and is currently the chief editor for foreign literature for the Metaixmio Publishing House.   He has also worked as an architect.   Mr. Stamatis is participating courtesy of the Greek Fulbright Commission. Stamatis writing sample

TANG Ying (fiction writer, screenwriter, playwright, filmmaker; b. 1955, China) is a prize-winning, widely anthologized writer, with many TV and film credits. She has produced and directed in both media, venturing next to independent filmmaking. She has published over a dozen novellas, four collections of stories, two novels, and is currently at work on Another China , a documentary film project about expatriate Chinese writers in New York, and a new novel.   Tang's numerous publications include Tell Laola I Love Her , a novella selected for inclusion in the Best Chinese Novellas of 2001 , W ife from America (1994) , a novel that was adapted for the stage, serialized in Liberation Daily , and won first prize for Stories Serialized in Newspapers and Magazines, Asexual Partners (2001), a novella that was also serialized, No Love in Shanghai (2002), and most recently, Senseless Journey (2003), a novella published in the Chinese journal Harvest. Ms. Tang is participating courtesy of the Asian Cultural Council. Tang Ying writing sample

Rajeevan THACHOM POYIL (rah-JEEvan-thaCHOM-poyil; poet, essayist, publisher, b. 1959, India) is a multifaceted writer who and a well-established poet in the Malayalam language. He has translated his own poems from Malayalam into English and published two collections each in Malayalam and in English, in addition to a collection of essays in Malayalam on literary and cultural issues. His English-language poetry is represented in various anthologies such as the The Promise of the Rest (UK), Midnight's Grandchildren (Macedonia), The Green Dragon (South Africa) and The Brink (India). His poetry has been translated into Italian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Tamil, Hindi Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi. He writes bi-weekly columns in "The New Indian Express" and "The Hindu," and is the editor of Yeti Books, the first international imprint from Kerala. Mr. Thachompoyil is participating courtesy of the Department of State. Thachom Poyil writing sample

V. K.TIRUMALESH (linguist, poet; b. 1940, India) is a distinguished professor of linguistics at the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEF) in Hyderabad, India. His many published essays deal with issues in linguistics, literary theory, translation, and the teaching of English. Known as one of the most experimental Kannada poets, he has published several collections of his poems, as well as translated the works of poets such as Ezra Pound and Wallace Stevens.   Mr. Tirumalesh is participating courtesy of the National Resources Center for International Studies and the South Asian Studies Program. Tirumalesh writing sample

Aleksandr Mikhaylovich ULANOV (alekhSANdr-meeKHAELovich-UHLianov; poet, writer, critic, translator; b. 1963, USSR; lives in Russia) earned a Ph.D. in engineering from Samara State Aerospace University, where he is currently an associate professor of aircraft engine design.   Although he does not consider writing to be his principal occupation, he is extremely active in the Russian literary scene.   Ulanov has over 250 publications to his credit, including works of poetry, short fiction, book reviews, articles on modern Russian literature, and translation works.   He is participating courtesy of the US Congress Open World Program, and will be in Iowa City 9/16 to 9/30. Ulanov writing sample

Natalya VOROZHBIT (naTAHlia÷vorozhBEeT; playwright, journalist; b. 1975, USSR; lives in Russia) is the author of six plays, including ãThe Lives of Simple People,ä produced in Kiev, and published in her native Ukraine; and ãGalka Motalka,ä to be published in the Moscow journal Contemporary Drama .   She has worked as a journalist, an editor, and in television.   She was also a contributor to ãOld People: Plans for the Future,ä a documentary play project. Her participation was made possible by the Trust for Mutual Understanding Foundation. Vorozhbit writing sample

Adam WIEDEMANN (AHdam÷VIdehman; poet, literary and music critic, fiction writer; b. 1967, Poland) made his literary debut in 1996 with A Small Male, a collection of poems; several publications quickly followed.   Animal Fables, a volume of rhyming poems, was published in 1997, and in 1998, Wiedemann brought forth a collection of short stories, The Omnipresence of Order , which was nominated for the Nike prize, Poland's most prestigious literary award.   Completing his banner year was the release of Starter Motor, a book of poems, and Sek Pies Brew ("Cinque pieces breves,")   a collection of five stories which brought Weidemann his second nomination for the Nike prize.   In 1999, he won the Koscieleski Foundation Prize, which recognizes literary achievement in Polish writers under forty.   Wiedemann's most recent publication is Lily of the Valley (2001).   He is currently a doctoral candidate in Polish at the Jagiellonian University, and divides his time between Cracow and Grabow.   He is participating courtesy of the University of Iowa. Wiedemann writing sample

Gozo YOSHIMAZU (GHOzo-yoSHEEmasu; poet, b. 1939, Japan), a returning writer to the International Writers Program, has published several collections of poetry including Shuppatsu Departure ) and Devil's Wind: A Thousand Steps or More .   Considered to be an emblematic presence in postwar Japanese poetry, he has given readings at the Centre Pompidou in Paris (2000) and the Taipei International Poetry Festival (2001), and exhibited his photographs and calligraphies at the São Paulo Biennale (1990) and in Strasbourg (2000), among others. In May 2003, he received the Purple Ribbon Award from the Japanese government for his significant contributions to Japanese culture.   He is participating courtesy of the Freeman Foundation, and will be in Iowa City in October and November. Yoshimazu writing sample

ZHANG Xian (playwright, director; b. 1955, China) is one of the best-known playwrights in Shanghai. Over the last several years, much of Mr. Zhang's work has been produced for the screen and the stage, nationally as well as   internationally.Those Left Behind won "Best Film of Golden Pyramid Award" at the 16 th Cairo International Film Festival, and Xian was awarded a fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) to further his studies of film and drama in New York City.    A prominent figure in the arts community, Zhang has worked as the designer, curator, director, and organizer for a number of major art events in Shanghai.   He is participating courtesy of the Freeman Foundation. Zhang Xian writing sample

Sulkhan ZHORDANIA (literary critic, poet, writer; b. 1939, USSR; lives in Georgia) is a noted literary critic, fiction writer, and poet. He is a professor of English at the International Black Sea University, and at the Sokhumi Branch of Tbilisi State University where he teaches American literature, the short story, drama, and stylistics.   His major works include Creative Development of Symbol (1982), Time and Poetry (1984), Silhouettes (1986), Melancholia and Happiness (1995),Apocalypse Today (1998) and Apricots in Bloom (2002), among others.   Mr. Zhordania is participating courtesy of the Department of State.   Zhordania writing sample


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