Here She Comes: Chi Li's Come and Go

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“来来往往” 来了 著名作家池莉,将在美国爱荷华大学,为我们进行在线授课。主题为:奥秘——小说写作以及小说与影视改编。时间是2014年10月27(周一)、10月29(周三)和10月31(周五),上午八点。第一课:动笔的奥秘;第二课:改编的奥秘; 第三课:成为作家的奥秘。 池莉将以她的小说《来来往往》为蓝本,与我们探讨和分享文学写作与影视艺术的奥秘,每堂课你都有机会提出你的问题并获得她的解答。 期待同学们阅读小说并准备好自己的提问。

In Fall 2014, prominent Chinese writer and IWP Fall Residency participant Chi Li will lead a class for students of writing, television, and film at Beijing Normal University and Sichuan TV and Film College (Beijing and Chengdu, China). Titled, "The Secrets: How to Write a Novel and How to Adapt for the Big Screen," the class will allow participants to explore the secrets of literary writing and adaptation with Chi Li's novel, Come and Go. Students have the chance to read the novel before the class and ask Chi Li specific questions during each session for a prompt response. The class session themes created and facilitated by Chi Li will included Secrets of Starting to Write, Secrets of Adaptation, and Secrets of Becoming a Writer.


CHI LI (池莉, China) is regarded as the leader of the “New Realism” trend in contemporary Chinese literature. Her many novels include Zi mò hóngchén [Purple Street, Red Dust] (1995), Yī dōng wú xue [A Winter without Snow] (1995), Zhēnshí de rìzi [Days of Realness] (1995), Wuyè qi wu [Midnight Dance] (1998), Xìyāo [Skinny Waist] (1999), and Lì [Grown Up] (2013). Several titles became popular TV serials and films, among them the award-winning Life Show (2002). In Fall 2014 she completed the IWP Fall Residency.

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