Ten things I remember about my travel to the refugee

Abdirahman Mohammed Deeis
  1. The bush was scary in the journey.
  2. It was dark at night with no light.
  3. We were hearing the whistling of birds.
  4. The journey was too long with no transport facilities.
  5. We were hearing the sounds of different animals in the bush.
  6. The smell of flowers in the bush was too fragrant.
  7. People were unable to walk because of hunger and thirst.
  8. The most people were women and children because men had run to the bush because of fear.
  9. There was no luggage because there was fierce fighting in the country.
  10. People were unable to talk to one another.

Poem about HIV/AIDS

AIDS! AIDS! AIDS kills, AIDS kills everybody regardless of sex, religion, culture and appearance.
AIDS! AIDS! AIDS kills, AIDS kills doctors, engineers, farmers, and even more important persons.
AIDS! AIDS! AIDS kills fathers and mothers, AIDS leaves orphans behind. AIDS kills teachers and students miss lessons for a time.
AIDS! AIDS! AIDS kills, it is melodious??, it can be prevented but cannot be treated.

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