Short story

Ahmed Abdullahi Sharif

Once upon a time there was a king. Then the king had two boys. One of the fine days he called them and said I am going to leave you soon after some time because he was growing old. He said to his sons tell me how you love me.

The first boy said I love you honey.

The second boy said I love you like salt.

Then the old man decided to cheat the one who said I love like salt, and said to the other boy you’re the king after I die. Then the other boy migrated from his homeland to one neighbouring town. After some time he married the daughter of the King of that town and became a king. He invited his father who was still alive since that time and prepared food without salt. Then the father said bring me salt. He said what if I bring you honey? He said no, no. The boy said I am your son and salt is very important.

So like us here Media and Journalism is very important because we will be able to know what is going on in our homeland in every minute and second. So I am concluding media or journalism is a very essential item in our life.

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