World of Wonders

Fartia Farah Yusuf

A beautiful world with a lot of wonders
A beautiful world with many activities done
Look the blue water of the oceans
Look the beautiful waves and rides
Look the huge ships sailing across.

Look the blue sky and its highness
Look the white clouds covering the sky
Look the nimbus which carrying rain
Look the white patterns and pales of clouds.
The world of wonders.

Look the flatness of the earth
Look the vegetation covering the earth
Look the green forest and a lot of desert
Look the mountains and hugeness
Look the different types of soil (sandy, clay)
Look the barren and fertile soil.
World of wonders.

Look. Different creatures.
Look different types of people.
Black and white.
Coming different parts of the word.

In it is room we have different
People white and black.
Some are white like clouds
Others are black as charcoal.
World of wonders.

Different parts of the world in peace
Others are in serious war.

Compare Somalia and America
Great difference is there.
Somalia has no central government
America is the leading country
In terms of peace, political and the
High pop. High technology and high resources.

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