Respect is Two-Way Traffic

Hassan Odawa Abdi

It was early in the morning on Sunday. The weather was rather cold. I was in a weekend location when an old aged mother entered and asked for assistance. The mother was carrying a young little boy who was almost emaciated by malnutrition and lack of nutrients. The woman herself was very thin. I could not imagine that she came from a habitat of human beings. She was dressed like a mad person who had applied mud himself, she was wearing cracked shoes which were made of tires of a car.

However, I just monologue to myself: is this a mad person of just normal really I wondered to her, chased away with her child by not thinking what will happen later.

My mother just arrived when the woman was cursing me and crying with painful words that I had said to her. My mum just apologized to the woman by nourishing her.

Mother told me not to do it again by saying “Respect is two-way traffic.”

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