Hussein Barud Gahnug

What is peace?
The question today is what is peace?
This is the absence of war, discrimination, nepotism, favoritism, unequal distribution and so on so far.
Peace means understanding, comprehension, and going the same direction.

What are the things that I cannot do or live without peace?

  1. Without peace I cannot live.
  2. Without peace I cannot learn.
  3. Without peace I cannot stay here.
  4. Without peace I cannot prosper in life.
  5. Without peace we cannot understand.
  6. Without peace we cannot reach our goals.
  7. Without peace means without income.
  8. Without peace means without government.
  9. Without peace means without unity.
  10. Without peace means zero.

Importance of Peace

  1. Peace is the pillar of human life.
  2. Peace is the key to success.
  3. Peace is the key to understanding.
  4. Peace is the key to prosper.
  5. Peace is the guideline of everything.

How can we develop peace?

  1. To understand each other.
  2. To respect each other.
  3. To go in the same direction.

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