Points of my opinion

Isse Abdi Ahmed
  1. Refugee Life: according to my mind refugee life has disadvantages and advantages. The advantage of refugee life is education. The disadvantage is a miserable life because there is no complete life.
  2. My mother country:
    1. No law and responsibility
    2. There is no education
    3. Killing human beings without reason
  3. Helping of parents: I help my parents
    1. Afterschool
    2. Holidays, like Saturday and Sunday
  4. Problems of refugee: High temperature, like the sun is very hot there and the night is cold.
  5. My future:
    Of marriage: I would like a girl of any colour who will better the life of the home and be submissive.
    Of my work: I would like to be president if I can because I want to solve problems of my country.
  6. Education: My life is thirsty for education because I am new fruits? that will help all the world any way.
  7. School: I learn school in the refugee camp but sometimes my mind says, “Why don’t you go or learn in schools which are located in a country without refugee?” That is the only problem which damages my education.
  8. Importance of peace: Peace is the only pillar on which all the world is standing. Without peace there is no anything, nothing can happen because peace is a half of the life.
  9. Relationship: I have a lot of friends in my school and I like the friends in school more than others.
  10. My respect: First I respect my parents. Second all the people older than me.


  1. No one can walk without clothes in front of population
  2. Clothes hide your body
  3. We can use clothes as a uniform
  4. As shelter like refugee homes

A Poem about Love

No life without love
No world without love
No peace without love
No relationship without love
No reproduction without love
Love brings peace and harmony
Love is the only that going human being
Love is wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise

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