A wonderful magic man

Jamal Aden Digale

Once upon a time there was a powerful magician man in our village who used to treat the patients that were suffering a serious disease that most people can transmit. What happened was one day my father became sick in the house and we took him to the hospital. After we reached the hospital we met a doctor in the clinical office. He told us: we don’t have medicine to treat the old patient and therefore we had requested a lot, and yet he saying there is no medicine in the hospital. We took the old man home. Some days ago a man told us there is a man in our village who used to treat people from disease. We took him to the home of the magic man. He told us: you have to pay some amount of money to start the work. Fortunately what happened was my father became okay and we thanked the magic man for what he had done for us. Again he told us let him take these oral doses as per required in daily. Initially what happened was once a person became sick we took him or ran to the hospital but there was no medicine and people have interest to look for the powerful magic man in the same village, and the magic man became well known in the village.

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