Taking oath of my country

Mohamed Ahmed Abdi

Taking oath of my country

I shall walk with sincerity of heart
Within and without my house
Any deed that is dishonesty
I will not entertain before my eyes.

Anyone who insults a neighbor
I will not friend or woe
Anyone who is proud and hates labor
I will beat as a foe.

Anyone who practices deceit
Even if it is luck of receipt
I shall wait at the gates of defeat
And ours shall be a great feat.

Never trust a white man forever

He or she had a leprosy.
He never believes in Allah.
He may affect you.
His main work or aim is to detach from your culture.
He has so many bad characteristics.
He has been cursed by Allah.
He sleeps and eats with wild animals.
If you talk to him you will be in sin.
He tries to imitate Allah.
He is a home for all slimy characters and evils.
His saliva contains or is contaminated with HIV virus.

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