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Omar Noor Osman

It was 20th March 2009, when my English teacher announced to my class there was a demand of essay writing requested by one of the agencies in Dagahaley refugee camp.

I wrote an essay by heading “The importance of water.” The English teacher took and marked the essays for the whole school while mine was the best. Among what I wrote was the importance, how African people can get clean water and which methods to use to find out clean water.

On 30th March 2009, it was school closing day that all teachers and students attend close this school. In that public it was announced that I am the best essay writer in school. In that day there were some moments that I was not aware where I was living. I was very happy with rewards I was given by agency and school administration.

Since that day I decided to practice essay writing in and out of the school while I am testing my ability of writing.

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