My last trip to Naivasha

Salah Ore Osman

I am called Ore Osman, I am the General Advisor of the Writers Club.

Once upon a time, I tried to go on a trip within the Kenya, especially Naivasha. The vehicle got broken and I had nowhere to go because I knew nothing in that place. I was there over the day. During the night and I had nothing to eat, I decided to go on foot to another place near where the vehicle got broken. As I was going in between I heard sound that came from beside the road. I stopped for a while and listened carefully. When I confirmed that there is real sound, I went to the place of the sound. By the time I reached there I found family leaving that area, then I went to the family and greeted them and they accepted my greeting. They asked me my name and I told them my full name. By the time they heard my full name they took me, a boy who gotten lost from my family during the war in Somalia in 1992 so that boy was away for almost 5 years maybe he has worked and owned a shop there by the time I saw my brother. I became very happy as I was before unhappy and even I had forgotten the broken vehicle finally when I was with my brother for 2 months and I took another vehicle and reached where I was going in Naivasha.

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