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Fahri OZ_Turkey_cropped
2021 Resident
editor, poet, scholar, translator

Fahri ÖZ (translator, scholar, poet; Turkey) has translated into Turkish many British and American 19th and 20th c poets, and is currently bringing into Turkish Walt Whitman’s and Emily Dickinson’s collected works. He is the co-editor of a collection of “sudden fiction,” Hayat Kısa Proust Uzun [  Life is Short, Proust is Long] (2000),  and the author of the poetry volume Meşrutiyet Çok Bulutlu On Beş Santigrat Yağmur Olasılığı Sıfır  [Meşrutiyet Street: Heavily Overcast, 15 Degrees Celsius with Zero Chance of Rain] (2019). Until 2017, when he was dismissed for signing the Academics for Peace declaration, he taught at Ankara University. His participation is sponsored by the Institute for International Education, the University of Iowa, and private gifts.


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