2009 Resident Participants

Yasser ABDEL-LATIF is the author of two poetry collections; the latest [‘Nocturnal Round’] was published in 2009. His first novel [‘Law of Inheritance’] won the 2005 Sawiris Prize in the young authors category. Abdel-Latif has also edited the short story collection [‘Half Past Seven on Wednesday Evenings’] and his articles and translations have appeared in numerous magazines. He is also a scriptwriter; his screen credits include No One Came Back (2007), The Eagle Road (2004), and An Upright Citizen from Maadi (2002). He participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

Yahya ALABDALLAH a Palestinian Jordanian writer, director and producer, is the co-founder of ME Films. His Six minutes (2004) won prizes at the Al-Jazeera Film Festival, the Jordanian Film competition and the Trenton Film Festival; A Man in a Cup was selected to show at many international film festivals. In 2008 he directed two shorts, SMS and Pummelo; his first feature film, Cuty is in development. He participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

Jan-Willem ANKER

Jan-Willem ANKER won the Jo Peters Poëzie Prijs in 2006 for his debut collection of poems Inzinkingen [‘Relapses’], the year his second poetry book Donkere arena [‘Dark Arena’] was published, followed in 2009 by a collection of love poems titled Wij zijn de laatste geliefden in de wereld [‘We Are the Last Lovers in the World’]. He has also been a programmer for Rotterdam’s Poetry International Festival. His participation is made possible in part through the US Embassy in the Hague.

Maxine CASE

Maxine CASE is a senior writer for the non-profit Cape Town Partnership. She contributes to a number newspapers and magazines, including Real Simple, Reader’s Digest and O Magazine. Her short story “Homing Pigeons” was included in African Compass: New Writing from Southern Africa 2005. In 2007, her debut novel All We Have Left Unsaid won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book in Africa, and, jointly, the Herman Charles Bosman Award. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

Osman Pius CONTEH

Osman Pius CONTEH lives in Freetown and is the author of four books published by Macmillan UK, Double Trouble (1990), For Better For Worse (1995), Bitter Consequences (1996), and Unanswered Cries (2002), which won the Macmillan Writers Prize for Africa; he is now working on his fifth novel, If You Scream, We Will Kill You. He is a member of PEN Sierra Leone, which is working to improve the literary culture and opportunities in the country. He participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.


Fflur DAFYDD published her first story collection after winning a literature medal at the 1999 Urdd National Eisteddfod. Her first novel Lliwiau Liw Nos [‘Colours by Night’] appeared in 2005; her second novel Atyniad [‘Attraction’] was awarded the prose medal at the 2006 National Eisteddfod; her third novel ['The Library'] received the David Owen Prize in 2009. In 2008, Dafydd published her first novel in English Twenty Thousand Saints. She lectures at the University of Wales, Swansea and publishes on R.S. Thomas. A popular singer-songwriter, she also performs regularly. She participates thanks to funding from the British Council.


Miloš DJURDJEVIĆ has published three volumes of poetry, with the fourth forthcoming in 2010. His work has been included in anthologies of contemporary Croatian poetry, and translated into English, Hungarian and German. The editor of the Croatian domain at Poetry International Web, a recipient of fellowships at the Ledig House in New York and the Civitella Ranieri Center in Italy, Djurdjević is also the translator of a wide range of contemporary American poetry and prose. He participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

DUNG Kai-cheung

DUNG Kai-cheung (董啟章) has published fiction including [‘Androgyny: Evolution of a Nonexistent Species’] (1996), [‘The Atlas: Archaeology of an Imaginary City’] (1997), , [‘The Rose of the Name’] (1997), [‘Visible Cities’] (1998), [‘The Catalog’] (1999), [‘A Brief History of the Silverfish’] (2002) and [‘Histories of Time’] (2007), garnering him the United Daily News Special Award for Fiction in Taiwan and the Best Artist 2007/2008 Award (literary arts) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. He teaches creative writing and Hong Kong literature at local universities. He participates in the program thanks to a grant from The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation in Hong Kong.

GE Fei

GE Fei (格非) counts among his many works the short story collection Mizhou, and the novels Shanhe Rumeng (2007), and Renmian Taohua (2004), which won the Chinese Media Outstanding Novel award, underscoring the mark he made on the Chinese postmodernist movement. Among his scholarly publications are On Fiction Narration, The Pendulum of Kafka, and Syren’s Song. Ge Fei is professor of literature at Qinghua University. He participates courtesy of a grant from the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Iowa.

Millicent GRAHAM

Millicent GRAHAM. A recipient of two Calabash International Literary Festival Scholarships, Graham has also won the 2004 Jamaica Observers Annual Literary Award for Poetry. Her work has been published in The Caribbean Writer Volume 17; Bearing Witness, and Calabash: A Journal of Caribbean Arts and Letters; her first collection of poems, The Damp in Things , was published by Peepal Tree Press in 2009. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.


Violet GRIGORYAN was born in Tehran before her family repatriated in Armenia in 1975. One of the founders of the literary journal Inqnagir, she currently serves as its editor. The author of four books of poems, Grigoryan has won the Writers' Union of Armenia poetry award for [‘True, I’m Telling the Truth’] (1991), and the Golden Cane prize in literature for [‘The City’] (1998). Her poems have been anthologized in France, and in the English-language collections The Other Voice: Armenian Women’s Poetry Through the Ages (2006) and Deviation: Anthology of Contemporary Armenian Literature (2008). She participates courtesy of the US Embassy in Yerevan and the William B. Quarton Foundation.

Vicente Garcia GROYON

Vicente Garcia GROYON is a two-time winner of the Manila Critics Circle National Book Award for The Sky Over Dimas (2004) and On Cursed Ground and Other Stories (2005), and the editor of a number of anthologies and collections of Filipino fiction. He has written four film scripts, including Agaton and Mindy (2009) and Namets! (2008), and directed several shorts. Currently he teaches at De La Salle University in Manila. He participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.


HAN Bo (韩博) is the author of several poetry collections including [‘BorrowDeepHeart’] and[‘A Banquet of Knots’]. In 1998 he won the Li-An Liu poetry prize for the volume [‘Transmission for Ten Years’]. His short stories have been published in a number of literary journals, including Jin Tian. A playwright as well as stage director, in 1999 he founded the Ewood Drama Studio; he directed the 2008 Mecooon Film Festival in Shanghai. Currently, Han is the editor-in-chief of MG Magazine, a travel culture magazine. He participates courtesy of the US Embassy in Beijing.


Hanaa HIJAZI is the author of a collection of short stories titled [‘Bent (a Girl)’] (2001) and the prose collection [‘Did You See Me? I Was Walking in the Street’] (2007). Her work has been translated into Italian and English; her artwork is on the cover of several books. A regular columnist for Albilad newspaper since 2003, she is a family physician in Jeddah. She participates courtesy of the William B. Quarton Foundation.


Marius IVAŠKEVIČIUS is the author of a collection of short stories, two novels, and five plays, and is widely translated. His dramatic work has been staged in Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Finland, Italy, and Russia, with two plays receiving the Best Lithuanian Play award (2002 and 2004). Ivaskevicius has also written and directed three documentary films, among them Two on the Bridge (2004) and the short My Father (2007). His screenplay for Purple Smoke won the 2001 TransEuroScript prize. He participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.


JIANG Bin (姜玢) has a doctoral degree in film history and comparative cultural studies from Lumière Université Lyon 2. Her columns and articles have appeared in Historical Review,Art World, Oriental Morning Newspaper, Xin Min Du Shi, Mangazine, Travel and Leisure, Men’s Uno, among others. Jiang has also contributed translations to [‘Do’] (2007) and [‘Photographer Michael Koena’] (2005), and edited [‘Another Paris’] (2007) and [‘French Houses’] (2007). She is the editor for the Chinese magazines mg and An Jia. Bibliography Selection from work


Meena KANDASAMY debuted with the poetry collection Touch (2006), and has published in The Little Magazine, the Quarterly Literary Review, Singapore, and elsewhere. A former editor of The Dalit that reflects the voice of India's ex-untouchables, she has also translated the writings of the Tamil Eelam leaders. In 2007 she was selected for 21 under 40: New Fiction for a New Generation, the Zubaan Anthology of Young Women Writing in South Asia. A short story collection, Black Magic, will come out later this year. A contributing editor to Muse India she also writes for the feminist blog Ultra Violet. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

KANG Youngsook

KANG Youngsook made her literary debut with the short story collection [‘Shaken’] in (2002). Her other story collections are [‘Every Day is a Celebration’](2004) and [‘Black in Red’](2009). For her full-length novel, Rina (2006),which was serialized in the quarterly Literary Joongang, she received the 39th Hankook Ilbo Award. She has participated in the Seoul Young Writers’ Festival and the East Asia Literature Forum in 2008. Since 1990, Kang has served as an advisory member of the Korea Dialogue Academy. She participates courtesy of Arts Council Korea.

KIM Do Eon

KIM Do Eon made his debut with the short story "Scenes Along the Stream with Iron Stairs," which won the Daejeon Ilbo literary contest in 1998. The following year he won the Hankook Ilbo literary contest with "Boy Meets Girl." He has since published a novella, three short story collections and, in 2008, the novel This Much Trivial Melancholy . Kim has received an ACK Emerging Writers award, and currently edits at Samtoh and Thinking Tree Publishing. He participates courtesy of the Korea Literature Translation Institute (KLTI).

KIM Soom

KIM Soom has published three novels, [‘Idiots’] (2006), [‘The Iron’] (2008), and [‘The Water’] (2009), and two collections of short stories, [‘The Fighting Dog’] (2005) and [‘The Bed’], which was selected by Hyundae Munhak as the 2007 Best Novel of the Year. Kim has been a finalist for several literary awards, and was the recipient of the 1998 Munhakdongne prize for new writers. Currently she is an editor at Yolimwon Publishing, and works as a book reviewer for a number of newspapers and literary journals. Her participation is independently funded.

Min Htet MAUNG

Min Htet MAUNG is the editor of Junior Magazine, and an active social volunteer. He has published over 300 poems, 50 short stories, and numerous essays. His forthcoming publications include two collections of poems [‘Reverse Poetry’] and [‘Satan’s Laugh to the Happy World’], and three children’s poetry books. He also translates current American writing. His participation is independently funded.


Efrat MISHORI teaches at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem and at Ben-Gurion University. In addition to critical work on poetry, Mishori has published the fairy tale in verse for children Book of Dreams, and five collections of poetry, including [“The Physical Lips” ](2002), [“Sign and Sigh”] (2007) and ['As Far as Efrat']. She is the recipient of the 2000 Rabinovich Art Foundation’s Scholarship for Poetry, and of the 2001 Prime Minister Award for Hebrew Writers. Her participation is made possible by the Fulbright Foundation of Israel Bibliography

Soheil NAJM

Soheil NAJM has published four books of poetry, [‘Breaking the Phrase’] (1994), [‘Your Carpenter O Light’] (2002), [‘No Paradise Outside the Window’] (2008), and the anthology Flowers in Flame (2008). In addition, he has translated selections of work by Nikos Kazantzakis, Alasdair Gray, Ted Hughes, and José Saramago. Najm is currently the editor of the Althaqafa Alajnabia ["Foreign Culture"] journal in Baghdad. He participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.


Kyoko NAKAJIMA has worked as a magazine reporter and editor. She is the author of six collections of short stories and three novels, most recently E/N/Ji/N in 2009. Her first novel, Futon, was nominated for the 2003 Noma Literature Prize for New Writers. Her book Jochu-tan, a collection of three novellas, is forthcoming in August 2009. She participates courtesy of a grant from the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Iowa.


Hagar PEETERS was one of the final contenders for the Dutch Poet Laureateship in 2009. She has published three books of poetry, most recently Loper van licht ('Light Walker') (2008), and a portrait of Holland's most famous thief, Gerrit de Stotteraar, ‘Biography of a Scoundrel’ (2002). She is the recipient of the 2004 Jo Peters Poetry Prize and the J.C. Bloem Prize. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

Alice PUNG

Alice PUNG was born in Melbourne to Cambodian parents. She has published the memoir Unpolished Gem (2006), which won the Australian Book Industry Association award for Newcomer of the Year and was short-listed for numerous other awards, ;and the short story collection Growing Up Asian in Australia (2008). Her work was also included in Best Australian Short Stories 2007. A lawyer by trade, she contributes regularly to The Age. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

Mabrouck RACHEDI

Mabrouck RACHEDI. Alongside a job in banking, Rachedi has published articles in a wide variety of French periodical newspapers, including Metro and Respect Magazine. He is the author of two novels, Le petit Malik [‘Little Malik’] (2008) and Le Poids d’une âme [‘The Weight of a Soul’] (2006) and an essay, Éloge du miséreux [‘In praise of the down-and-out ’] (2007). Of Algerian heritage, he regularly comments on immigrant-related issues on television, radio, and other media, and is active in cultural and citizenship outreach programs. He participates courtesy of the US Embassy in Paris.

Dragica RAJCIC

Dragica RAJCIC was born in Croatia and emigrated to Switzerland in 1978; returning in 1988, she fled back to Switzerland in 1991. A founder of Glas Kastela, a newspaper in Croatia, Rajcic has also published five books of poems, including Post Bellum (2000) and Buch von Glück (2004), and two plays: [‘A Bit of Cleanliness’] has been performed in Germany and Switzerland. Her literary awards include the Chamisso Scholarship and the Meran Poetry Prize. Her participation is co-sponsored by Pro Helvetia.

Mani RAO

Mani RAO is the author of seven books of poetry. Her essays and poems have appeared in Tinfish, Wasafiri, West Coast Line, 91st Meridian, Fulcrum, Zoland Poetry and many anthologies, with translations published in seven languages. Rao is currently completing a poetic translation of the Bhagavad Gītā from Sanskrit.


Azeem SAJJAD is a writer, director, and producer for television. His screenplays include [‘A Short Life’], [‘The Third Man’], and [‘The Reunion’] among others. Sajjad has also written, developed storyboards for, and directed many TV commercials, and maintains an acting career. His participation is provided courtesy of the U.S. Consulate in Peshawar.


Fedosy SANTAELLA has published a novel, four short story collections and three collections of children’s stories. The novels [‘The Unpublished Eventful Journeys of Teofilus Jones’] and [‘ Miguel Luna Against the Aliens’]are forthcoming. His short story collection Postales sub sole won the 2006 Pocaterra Latin American Literature Biennial’s Novel Prize, and the story collection Moon Rocks was recognizedin the 2007 José Antonio Ramos Sucre Literary Biennial. He has written for HBO and Cinemax, and contributes to magazines and newspapers in Venezuela. Santaella is the Creative Writing Workshop coordinator at UNIMET in Caracas. He participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.


Siobhan Ni SHITHIGH is the author of the award-winning children’s book An Bhó Riabhach, and the poetry collections Na Leaca Bána, Nuair Ná Labhrann Éan, and Briathar an Tráthnóna. She is on a team producing an "Irish Catullus," due out in 2010. Under the name Joan Coen, her paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions and form part of collections in Ireland, Europe and the US. She is funded by The U.S. Embassy, Dublin, Ireland, The Arts Council Ireland, and other sources.

Salomat VAFO

Salomat VAFO has published the story collections Farida, [‘A Woman Seeking for Herself’], [‘The Heart’s Angel’] and 9/1, and the novels [‘The Adventures of a Wanderer’] and the award-winning [‘An Empire of Mystery’]. Her story [‘A Woman in the Sunset’] was filmatized, and she directed the documentary [‘A White Dress’]. A human rights activist, she received a state prize for her TV program [‘Essence’] about the Soviet-era “cotton case” proceedings. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

Andreas WEBER is the author of two short story collections, including So nicht! (2007), and the novel Lanz (2004), and the editor of the collections Ritalin Baby - Bohemian and Austrian Stories (2003), Experienced History (2004), and Stifter Reloaded (2005). Weber has also written and directed The Perfect Moment - a Film about Mario Kempes (2006), Der Speckjaeger - a Portrait of Hermann Gail (1999), and Dear Fritz - a Film about Fritz Habeck (1995). His play Rebellen was first staged in 2003. He participates courtesy of the Max Kade Foundation.


Kathy WHITE was born in Liverpool and immigrated to New Zealand in 1971. Her books include Alex and Josie, The Problem Cat, The South Pacific, A Hairy Tale, and Muffin Magic which is part of the Kiwi Bites series, as well as six non-fiction titles. Her work has appeared in the New Zealand School Journal and Connected Journal, The School Magazine (Australia), and in Comet, Explore and Challenge. She has worked as a children's librarian and children's services coordinator, a writing workshop tutor, a book sales rep, and is a regular book reviewer. She participates courtesy of Creative New Zealand.


ZHANG Lijia (张丽佳) is a factory-worker-turned journalist, TV producer and lecturer. Her memoir about working at a missile factory, Socialism Is Great! (2008) was published in the U.S., Australia, and India, and is being translated into a number of languages. Other publications include China Remembers, an oral history of the PRC, and Western Images of Chairman Mao, presently banned in China. Her articles have appeared in prominent Asian, European and American magazines and newspapers, and she is a frequent commentator for the BBC, CNN and NPR. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

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