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Given the static—packed, but still static—nature of the iwp home page, it seemed right to also have a space where the ongoing buzz, hum, talk, traffic, and sheer adrenaline inside the Shambaugh House would be visible even between the residencies.

Hence @ SHSE, a house blog co-authored by everyone with a chair, a keyboard and a job on 430 N. Clinton, whether on the first, the second or the third floor.

At the moment we're beginning to receive the files of the 2009 residency applicants, preparing for a reading tour and conference in the Middle East (Tunis, Morocco), corresponding with Chinese writers' organizations to fine-tune an exchange trip to Western China, grading mid-term papers for "Readings for Writers," figuring out where the best place in Iowa City will be to drop a Lost Book on behalf of the Edinburgh Lost Book project, and—most immediately—dusting off our formal gear for the Tuesday 5PM party at the Englert Theatre to toast Iowa City's ascent as the third UNESCO City of Literature.

But right now it's spring outside and we should stash away the huge bag of Ice Melt that's been sitting on the back staircase, waiting for one last prairie snow storm....

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