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Between the Lines 2009: Gone but never forgotten


Sadly I don't have time to write a longer post but for now I wanted to present the BTL class of 2009, as photographed by Tarek Eltayeb, one of their teachers. And yes, they are just as cool as they look.

Top row, L to R: Iya Ghassib (Jordan), Nadia El Malt (Lebanon), Hussein Youneiss (Lebanon), Ahmad Ezery (Israel), Majd Iwidat (Palestinian Authority), Irene Ghattas (Palestinian Authority), Lora Abaza (Syria), Bana Aassy (Israel). Bottom row, L to R: Bashar Al-Sawaftah (Jordan), Nael Roby (Israel), Zaid Al-Nassir (Jordan), Yara Abou Fakher (Syria).

--Kecia Lynn

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