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IWP to Host Arabic Forum Featuring Iman Humaydan & Naseer Hassan

Arabic Forum

Thurs., Nov. 3, 5:00 pm

Shambaugh House

The International Writing Program will host what promises to be a deeply engaging discussion with two very different writers from the Arab world. Lebanese novelist Iman Humaydan and Iraqi poet Naseer Hassan will be led in a discussion of contemporary Arabic literature and culture by Dénes Gazsi, Assistant Professor of Arabic language and culture at the University of Iowa.

Iman Humaydan (novelist, fiction writer) is the founder of ARRAWI, a non-profit center for marginalized youth in Lebanon. Her short stories, essays, and journalism have appeared in German, Swiss, French, and Arab newspapers and magazines. Her novels B Mithl Beit, Mithl Beirut (B as in Beirut) and Toot Barri (Wild Mulberries), have been published in Arabic, French, German, and English, followed, in 2010, by the third, Hayawat Okhra [Other Lives]. Humaydan co-wrote the screenplay for Chatti ya Deni [Here Comes The Rain], which won the first prize at the 2010 Dubai Film Festival, and edited the creative writing textbook Kitabat alkitabah (2010). Her participation is provided courtesy of the William B. Quarton Foundation.

Naseer Hassan (poet, translator) is the manager of a cultural NGO poetry forum, a producer at Free Iraq Radio, and an award-winning journalist. He has published four poetry collections, [The Circle of Sundial] (1998), [Suggested Signs] (2007), [Being Here] (2008) and Dayplaces (2010). In addition to his [Emily Dickinson: Selected Poems and Critical Articles] (2009), and (Days of the Shore: Selections From the New American Poetry For the Period 1980-2010) (2011), and (Luis George Borges: 60 poems) (2011), he has several book-length translations forthcoming, including House of the Star: Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, Langston Hughes, and the German philosopher Arthurs Schopenhauer’s philosophical work (The World as Will and Representation). His collected poems were published in 2010 by the Arabic House for Publishing in Beirut. He participates courtesy of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

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