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Book hunting in the Balkans

By Tim Shipe, Arts & Literature Bibliographer, UI Libraries

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Introducing Our 2012 Fall Residents, Round 4: Khadanovich, Mlalazi, Lopes, Dadaeva, and Alberry

Round IV of the IWP's introduction to our 2012 Fall Residents includes writers from Belarus, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and Egypt. More announcements will be made this Wednesday and Friday!

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Introducing Our 2012 Fall Residents, Round 3: Zegham, Asenjo, Chan, Pyamootoo, Beňová

Round III of the IWP's introduction to our 2012 Fall Residents includes writers from Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Maruitius, the Philippines, and Slovakia. More announcements will be made on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week!

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Introducing our Fall 2012 Residents, Round II: Al Refai, Choi, Fricke, Lin, & Lyacos

It's Wednesday and, as promised, here's Round II of our 2012 Fall Residency Announcements!

Today's installment features writers from Kuwait, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, and Greece. To learn when and where you can see these writers share their work, participate in panel discussions, and screen films, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter (@UIIWP), and, of course, feel free to visit us at the IWP's Homepage.

Introducing Our 2012 Fall Residents, Round 1: Nouri, Tanweer, Falco, Dema, & Ganieva

In three weeks, the IWP's 46th annual Fall Residency will bring 32 writers from 29 countries to Iowa City where they will have time, space, and freedom to write. As ever, they'll also have ample opportunitiy to engage with the public, to travel to other cities and states, to give public readings of their work, and to immerse themselves in the writing life in North America's only UNESCO-designated City of Literature.

BTL Arabic: A look at week one

IWP intern extraordinnaire Emily Seiple has spent most of July assisting Between the Lines Coordinator Kecia Lynn, and boy have the two of them been busy. From June 30th through July 14th, the IWP hosted a wonderful group of Russian and American students who together participated in creative writing workshops, attended literary salons, film screenings, and readings, and who, when all was said and done, left Iowa City knowing something more of themselves as writers and of each other's cultures.

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Between the Lines: A Reflection by Maïsa Farid

As our current cohort of Between the Lines students continue to live, write, study, and engage one another in Iowa City, we thought it was a great time to share this guest blog post from one of last year's BTL students, Maïsa Farid, who came to Iowa last summer from Morocco. 


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Life of Discovery 2012: Reading the City

Currently in its fourth year, the Life of Discovery exchange program beween the International Writing Program (IWP) and the China Writers' Association (CWA) brings together young American and Chinese poets, fiction writers, and playwrights to discuss literature, translation, and culture, and to engage in mutual creative writing projects. Through exchange and dialogue, IWP and CWA writers learn something of the each country's literature, form friendships, and mutually create new work. Sponsored through grant funds provided by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S.

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Khaled Kahlifa in the middle of Syria's struggle

Our Syrian friend, colleague, and alum Khaled KHALIFA (IWP 2007) has a record of writing eloquently about contemporary Syria’s complex political landscape.

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Spectacle and Pigsty sweeps the Best Translated Book of Poetry 2012 Award

We're so very pleased!   The 2012 Best Translated Book Award for poetry, given annually by the indispensable  journal and site Three Percent  has just been announced at the PEN New Voices festival, and it goes to a title featuring not one but two IWP alumni: Spectacle and Pigsty is a selection from two decades of  work of  the Japanese avant-gardist  Kiwao Nomura (IWP '05) selected, edited and co-translated by

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