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Empowering Readers and Writers in Sudan and South Sudan

All photos by IWP Program Officer Kelly Bedeian.

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Nigeria Killed Iyayi

As the IWP mourns the loss of alumnus Festus Iyayi (IWP '90), deceased 12 November 2013, fellow writer Niyi Osundare (IWP '88) offers this tribute:

And so Nigeria killed Festus Iyayi. . . .

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What We Saw: Writers Share Impressions of Iowa, the U.S.

This Friday, November 1, 2013, 12pm-1:30pm, join in the tradition as 34 writers from 31 countries in residence at the International Writing Program (IWP) for the past ten weeks come together in Meeting Room A of the Iowa City Public Library (123 S. Linn St) to share highlights, memories, and impressions of Iowa and the United States. Pizza will be served.

Kofi Awoonor, Guardian of the Sacred Word

A special guest post by Niyi Osundare.

Eni re dara ile                 A splendid man has joined the earth

Gbee gbee, ofere gbee   Carry him, carry him, good wind, carry him

Kofi loo, o digba              Kofi has gone, adieu

Gbee gbee gbeee             Carry him, carry him, good wind, carry him

Ofere gbeeeeeeee            Carry him, carry him, good wind, carry him


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