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Local Hero

When President Obama came to Iowa City yesterday to mark the passing of his new health insurance reform bill, he not only cleverly used Prairie Lights Books as an example of a small business about to get a new tax break to keep its employees covered. He also had the wits to go in and actually purchase some books.

Arabic lit translation: a Cairo perspective

The indispensible Common Review links to a long piece in The National (out of Abu Dhabi) on the distinguished literary translator Humphrey Davies and his perspective on the history, the skills, the politics and the special concerns that arise in translating out of the Arabic. It's also interesting to hear that a new academic translation program is opening up in Cairo.

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Comp Lit

Todays' ice and snow outside my window make the peacock-rich hot-pink Jaipur Literary Festival seem particularly appealing. Available more immediately at hand, meanwhile, is Wapsipinicon Almanac, hand-edited, typeset in lead, resolutely local, undistracted.

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Scout work:

Here's a project to keep track of: "Translate This Book!" Is there a title you think really ought to be translated into English? Check out the list, then pitch a title of your own. Or add in Comments below!

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Given the static—packed, but still static—nature of the iwp home page, it seemed right to also have a space where the ongoing buzz, hum, talk, traffic, and sheer adrenaline inside the Shambaugh House would be visible even between the residencies.

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