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Residency 2009

IWP Fall Residency 2009 Pt. III: All Too Short A Term

All too often writers-in-residence at the IWP have to leave us early. In 2009, Hanaa Hijazi and Fflur Dafydd had to say their goodbyes all too soon, but with the help of fellow-participants, left us with one incredible music video!

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IWP Fall Residency 2009 Pt. I: The Landscape

As if winter weather advisories weren’t enough to remind us of the spoils of January, bloggers web-wide dot the i’s: inundated with Best Of lists, and anticipations of the coming State of the Union address, January doesn’t seem to exist much at all except to provide a month for looking ahead, as well as behind. And with old man winter comfortably settled across the Midwest, we look back on the year, and the residency, that was.

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A Francophone's Microphone

For anyone (as we all are) missing Mabrouck, here's ten minutes of his IWP adventures (in French, bien sur):

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