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Worthy of Pursuit: Spectator notes from Book Wings Iraq 2014

A special guest post by GWENDOLYN GILLSON, a PhD student in the University of Iowa Department of Religious Studies, who was in the audience during the March 11, 2014 Book Wings theatre exchange with the University of Baghdad.

Book Wings: Bridging the Distance from Iowa City to Moscow

On Thursday, March 14th, audiences in the University of Iowa Theatre Building in Iowa City, IA and at the Moscow Art Theatre in Moscow, Russia were joined by viewing parties at institutions around the world, including Bennington College in Bennington, VT, California State University in Long Beach, CA, The Women's Cultural Society in Kuwait City, Kuwait and at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S.

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Book Wings Round 2: IWP & Moscow Art Theatre link up for 2nd installment

"We blunder into wars we can’t get out it so inconceivable that the government might not be telling us everything?"--excerpt of Victoria Stewart's new play, PLANET X, to premiere at Book Wings Russia 2013.
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Book Wings Collaborative Theatre: Iowa and China stages unite for joint performance

“Tell them you claimed his body off the mosque floor. Tell them you hear voices hissing in your cell phone accusing you of defiling young women by teaching them the Internet." –Excerpt from American playwright Dan O’Brien’s new 10-minute play, KANDAHAR TO CANADA, commissioned by Book Wings China.
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