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Kecia Lynn
Kecia Lynn

At the Shambaugh House our colleague Kecia Lynn's main project is coordinating the Between the Lines summer program for young  Arabic-language writers.  Periodically, though, she leaves the house, changes hats, and becomes a suave talk show host for

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Writing outside the comfort zone: Haiti

When the young psychologist Guesly Michel came to Iowa City from Port-au Prince this summer to learn about writing as a therapeutic procedure (the Patient Voice program at the UI Hospitals and Clinics has had a similar program for a number of years), he was by his own admission new to the game.

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Hear ye! Hear ye!

With the August humidity in its finest form, we give you something to stay inside for: the writers of the 2010 Fall Residency!

With 38 writers from more than 30 countries, you'll want to stay involved as we run through a slate of nearly 80 events in 80 days, in Iowa City, across the state of Iowa, and through the U.S. Keep track of our courses, panel lectures, film screenings, and public readings at our website,

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Local Hero

When President Obama came to Iowa City yesterday to mark the passing of his new health insurance reform bill, he not only cleverly used Prairie Lights Books as an example of a small business about to get a new tax break to keep its employees covered. He also had the wits to go in and actually purchase some books.

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