Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq

« There you are returning to her once more. You never knew how many times you left and how many times you said you would never go back to her. »  —Sadek Mohammah, Archaeology of Scorched Cities

Literature is directly linked to culture, and in Iraq, women are just coming to the field. There are reasons for this, especially how men think about writing and how they think about women as human beings....

Green Baghdad

To my father & also to Mike

You will find
Different leaders for each side there.
But the dates are still unified
Since the early days of the God.

Dates are
The morning key...


She works meticulously, inserting the tip of the needle into a small gap of wool, looping the yarn around the second needle. Her eyes never blink, they are intently focused as she purses her lips and observes the...


It comes to me

That I may see what is unseen
In the pleasure of speech,
In the night step
And in the crawling of roses on myrtle.

It comes to me
That I may cross the sea of...

Qishla Tower

Translation has a very long history, particularly in Iraq, where it has been practiced for thousands of years. Archeologists have found translations in many languages of the epic of Gilgamesh and the code of...


When a man begets war and doesn't know

what to do with it, should he bathe it? Should he

clothe it? Should he feed it? Should he comb its

hair and send it with its siblings to school?


Baghdad City of Literature

Between the predisposition to the Absolute, and the red walls of the labyrinth, the paths that lead to the meaning vary. And, whether the letter is a sword, a candlestick, or a wall-- the truth is farther...


مثلما خدعنا العالم كله

ستخلعينَ قبعة البيسبول مثل العادة

وتبحثينَ عن زاويتك المفضلة

في مقهى ماريو.

وستنظرينَ في المرآةِ...



He is alone in the hall,
red cup in hand,
feather hat on head.

Through the window one can see scattered corpses,
knocked down trees
and a handful of rabid dogs