Fighting, Fighting

Who knows that what is sad?
What is doleful and so flat?
Each one seen it, each heart suffered
Even flowers of desert, became hopeless of that.
Fighting, Fighting! You are for what?
Put the wrinkle on the foreheads; why you make humans sad?
What is your aim in whole life?
When you destroy a life, don’t you cry for that?
Would you please say that; why are you so cruel?
Why you always break hearts,
Is it your rule?
Fighting, Fighting! What do you earn?
By seeing your immoderate and credit less, what love birds will learn?
What is in you, are you heartless?
When you run dews, call it kindness?
Why you here but seem there?
Why when you came near, all existence have fear?
Why you give pains don’t you shy?
Curse is on you when humans cry.
Don’t be so proud since you will end_
Soon peace comes here,
Be Careful! Fighting, Fighting!