The Song of Freedom

When sun rises high
I wish to fly
In silence of sunlight
At shinning moon of night
I want to see the sea
I wish to be free.
I and spring
Together sit and sing
Each moment is sweet
When peace is beside it
I feel it can be
I will be free.
If birds fly high
If dews never die
In future I see
I am going to be free.
When each black and white
Could read and could write
When no one ignores it
Life would be complete.
I want such a world
Without fight, without war
I will change my life
Follow the shiny star.
You can stop my heart
You can take my breath
To achieve my goal
I will work as a whole.
You may call me black
Either name me slave
But to change the destiny
I will rule as a wave.
The sun may not shine one day
Roaring waves may stop anyway
Until God is with me
I am going to be free…