Violence Against Women in Afghanistan

Humanity consists of men and women, so the earth needs both of them for its development. If we visualize a human to a bird which flies by its two wings then we can easily claim that woman is one of the wings and without it flying is impossible; therefore, in all aspects of life women set with men side by side. In fact, a woman is the maker and creator of the root of life besides shaping and consisting half of the population.

Women play an important role in individual and social life; since, they have a huge responsibility in the society. Although, one cannot ignore their portion in developing, graduating and elevating of human’s life during century women were tortured painfully. For centuries women lived in darkness. Their rights were not given to them. Their portion was nothing more than darkness and distress. Their lives and death passed in suffering. History is the evidence that a woman did not have a witness in the justice court. She was not more than a prisoner who was prohibited from gaining knowledge which is the best gift of God for the mankind.

In Afghan Society, women lived completely in prohibition. They kept silence against injustice while this silence explained some painful facts that could not be hidden. Even though, in Article 22 Afghan Constitution it was approved that: “Any kinds of discrimination and privilege among the Afghan citizens is prohibited.” “Afghan citizens both men and women have equal rights and duties in front of law.” And some women could take part in social, political, cultural and economic arena of the society; meanwhile, this article of the constitution was not applied completely in the society.

Still, we see women who fire themselves because of violence. They give an end for their own existence. Yet, women are killed, kidnapped, raped, forced to marry, their parts of bodies such as: nose, ears, tongues … cruelly cut by their husbands, relatives or some other powerful men in the society while the suspects of these crimes are not punished. Just these are women who were suffering and suffer again. These are women who lived with such miseries, but never had a remedy for their pains and it shows a discrimination; moreover, inequality against them.

Violence against women exists in Afghanistan and no one can ignore it. Every day we see women who are tortured, disturbed, misused even dishonored by super powers just for being a women.  Although, everyone knows that women give life for living. They make the society and they must be respected as mothers, sisters and wives; since, they have an instructive role in human’s life.

Now, it is the time that all people think deeply on how to give an end for women’s tears and pains; rather than, punishing them because violence against women is violence against human beings. When I and you change our attitude and behavior against women then everyone will be changed, this society will change, together we can change the upcoming tomorrow.

This violence will be vanished if we let all women to know about their rights and fight against injustice besides the government should punish the ones who cause violence against women. Violence will be vanished if we all support and defend from our sisters and mothers or give them justice. Finally, that day will not be far in which to see that all men and women have equal rights in real and live in happiness and prosperity.