Language Essay: Kyrgyzstan

There is a little interesting thing about me. I was born in Kyrgyzstan, my nationality is Uzbek, but my native language is Russian. The fun fact about me is that I can speak none Uzbek. Since birth, I’ve mainly spoken the Russian language. I am proud of my language.

Among more than five thousand languages that exist in the world today Russian language occupies a prominent place for its meaning and functions that it performs. In addition, in the post-Soviet territory, i.e. in the CIS countries, or rather, in most of them the Russian language has the status of the second official language like in Kyrgyzstan. The majority of our population can speak Russian fluently. This language entered the life of the Kyrgyz people long time ago, and currently continues to evolve. Fluency, in its original and historical significance, develops personality and gives you unprecedented power over the word. Because the word, that is faithful and truthful is a real treasure, which you can achieve any success and heights with. Using words you can become not only a poet or a writer, a philologist or a linguist, but also extremely fortunate businessman, able to carry out any difficult negotiations for the benefit of the public's own creativity and prosperity. You can become an outstanding diplomat, working for the benefit of the Mother State. Great power of words is crucial in journalism; with their help public opinion undoubtedly affects the entire political and social life of the country. Enjoying the classical literary works of famous Russian authors, savoring their gorgeous syllable and own inimitable style, every time we find for ourselves the answers to many questions and topics, touching to the heart because of authors’ skills are truly astounding and make us be aware of the true versatility and amazing harmony of the Russian language.

Russian influenced the Kyrgyz culture, no doubt. Even in the stories of Kyrgyzstan there are so many facts that Russian language influenced Kyrgyz people. It should be noted that the fact that Kyrgyzstan was part of the Soviet Union might be the reason for why so large number of Kyrgyz people speak Russian. Most Kyrgyz people are unhappy with the fact that Russian has been dominating over Kyrgyz for several decades, so Kyrgyz is not developing on its own, and Kyrgyz people prefer speaking Russian rather than Kyrgyz. I partly agree with this unpleasant factor, because if a nation cannot preserve its mother tongue, how can it preserve the whole state, as language is one of the most important criteria showing nations identity.

I'd like program participants to learn more about the Russian language in the context of Kyrgyz life style, culture and literature. I think it will remain a very important part of Kyrgyz society, because it roots deep in people’s subconscious. Kyrgyz and Russian are mutually and tightly interconnected. Russian is rich in words, as one of the most famous Russian philosophers Lomonosov said: “If other languages are just rivers, Russian is a magnificent ocean.” I would like to point out that not only do I want participants to know about the Russian language and literature but also about my country - Kyrgyzstan. Because the Russian language that is spoken in Kyrgyzstan might be considered as a dialect for it was adapted to the way we pronounce sounds, lifestyle and geography.


So I am sure there will be something interesting for me to tell you about my language in the context of my culture and lifestyle.