Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contributors: Bernice Chauly
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

« I have chosen to stay in a land that I love and hate, in a land that still continues to inspire me...writing has become an act of will, of defiance, of memory. It's an act of faith. I write myself into my country and into the world. »  —Bernice Chauly, Bloodlines



I remember the day my father stopped singing. Just as he sang me to sleep, he sang me to wake. Wake up, my darling little girl, your Papa is here, your Papa is here. In lilting tones and in different...


(Malay for ‘howl ’)

**Excerpt fromOnkalo(Math Paper Press, 2013)

And so he says it again

through headlines screaming black bold Serif
on undulating white perimeters

Write −...


SHE loved him you see and so she thought it was honesty that would matter in the end.
So when she said, “You can’t handle the truth,” she was unprepared for what happened next.
He dragged her by the hair,...


To understand the notion of Malaysia and Malaysian identity, one has to look at oneself. But this is an arduous thing; we are allowed to, but we aren’t. We are not allowed to discuss the racist ills that divide our...