Peace will Win

It all started one cold day

With angry eyes and angry ways

We marched out in the snow

Our figures hidden and voices low

We had to talk to them

We had to talk to them

They had tortured us before

And if we did not stop them it would just increase more

We arrived and looked above

The house was decorated with stoned leaves and stoned doves

The enormity of the house made it eerie

And the darkness it engulfed made it scary

We stopped and stared

And thought, ‘should we have dared?’

When suddenly there was a huge roar

This shook us to the core

Our enemies were coming out

Their feet running and shouts loud

We glanced at each other confused at first

But then our determination burst

We had said before we would not fight

Our promise still was tight

We waited outside to make amends

Peace was first and foremost to meet ends

They looked at us prepared for war

We gestured them to come out of the door

The unexpected caused them to be fearful

We said we just wanted the town to be peaceful

Come here, come here, and let us be brothers again

They understood the request which was so plain

We always thought you wanted war, they said

Thus we gave you pain and caused dread

The confusion was clear and thus caused us to grin

For every time peace will win.