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Baby at home in deserted island (섬집 아기)

Lyrics by Han Inhyun
Composed by Lee Heungyeol

After mummy went to the sea to pick the oyster
The baby keeping the house all alone
Hearing the lullaby sung by the wave
Fell asleep making a pillow of his arm.

The baby is sleeping like a log at home
Mummy becoming anxious at the cry of the seagull
Carrying the basket not filled yet on her head
She rushes to home across the sands.

*** This song was written around 1950s at Korean wartime. Han Inhuyn, as an elementary school teacher went to a small island near Busan, southern port of Korea and found a baby falling asleep alone in the deserted house. He got an idea for a poem and wrote the lyrics. Composer Lee Seungyeol set the poem to music. It is still loved by the people and arranged for the various instruments.

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