The City of Seoul

Seoul, the capital of the land of Morning Calm, Korea, is the largest metropolis of South Korea. She is the home to over half of South Koreans along with 632,000 international residents. Situated on the Han River, her history stretches back more than 2,000 years when it was founded by Baekje in the Three Kingdoms era around 18 BC. With urbanization of the country people gathered to Seoul and they built their home even on the mountain. Those villages were called Daldongne, meaning Moon Village. Every government built the apartment to solve the residence problems. The elegant, tile-roofed traditional houses were vanished quickly to make the home to the people who rushed into the city. Now the scenery of the city has changed into the apartment town. Some poor people still live in the Moon Village on the mountain. So she is gasping heavily everyday embracing the hope and despair of the people who want to succeed in their own way. However she is the East-Asia’s most visited city and the world's 7th biggest earner in tourism. She is considered a leading and rising global city, called the miracle on the Han River with recent economic boom. In-spite of the suffering from the Korean War she became a world leading technology hub centered around Gangnam and Digital Media City. She expects to see the reunification of the peninsular to solve many problems of the city.