Kolkata, India

Kolkata, India

« Poems, to me, are not just powerful words or emotions recollected in tranquility. There are a purposeful, imaginative distance between the world and its inhabitants, between the poet and his reader, between you and me. »  —Binayak Banerjee, Religion and Writing

She told me over the phone, ’Guess what, we went to Goa,
... A train-ride from Bombay, with mountains on one side
And little villages on the other, intruded by
A sublet of the sea.

Old Architecture

Will dread to speak straight
Maintain a distance between the cup and the lip
Will scatter bits of politeness
In a cauldron of arrogance
And conclude that it's perfectly fine...

Will find...


My World, My Writing
By Binayak Banerjee (India)

Poetry, to me, is a continuous struggle to bridge the sense of materialistic cosmopolitan presence with the realm of emotional privacy. Now, this privacy...

Purana Qila

These mannequin fountains and servant lawns
Preserve impressions
Of iron hoofs and Mughal Juttis
And that big dome you see, like a pyramid
Covers impressions of the same bones
And a legacy...

Spices at the New Market
Victoria Memorial

Blue above, blue beneath; waters and skies kiss at yonder point.

A thick line stretches with flags of greenery, bold enough
to sustain salty tides, as muddy lands, bronze in sunrays


You couldn’t invest in real estate
Nor buy posh cars
Nor did you take us to tour in some lavish mountain or ocean
Opened your pot and fed us sweetmeats
One by one every night...


There is no reveal of Tabla or Pakhwaj in primeval India. Also, talking about Pakhwaj and Mridangam in general, no principle difference can be put to paper regarding the use of these instruments in India. Beliefs and...


Satish’s habit of reading the newspaper early in the morning was gone a long time ago. He had that urge when he had to dress up and go on duty, sitting in front of the wheel and narrating to his boss in a nutshell...