Orange Lies

She let her headscarf slip freely to her shoulders, as if she didn't realize , so that her hair would be free from the headscarf for a while. Then she pulled the edge of her headscarf flirtatiously to hide the right side of her face from the other passengers, allowing her lust filled eyes to find greater freedom .her eyes traveled up and down as she inspected him from head to toe through the window of the micro bus.
She stared at his sun-roasted face, like a piece of bread that had just come out of a clay oven and was ready to devour, while his watchful eyes monitored the microbus.
She wondered silently "How could he not sweat in this infernal heat, with that heavy helmet and his body covered with that so-called bullet-proof vest? Perhaps what they say is true: they use "creams" to protect them from the sun and the sweat!! .
She quickly lowered her eyes to his ring finger, "Hmmm… married! Of course, he is married! That piece of cake can not be confiscated! ".
She remembered that she was in the microbus with other passengers, hoping to wait for a long time in front of the American convoy, which was passing in a long line. So she said loudly - in order to make others hear her :
"this is the result of the occupation ,you see !twenty minutes and we are still waiting for them to pass
She gazed the American soldier again out of the corner of her lustful eyes and added to her loud speech
"Damn them and their fathers"!!!!