Passion according to David

Passion is a sundial
the time insists on the move,
while the sun does not persist in brightness.
Passion is a cool idea of the Palm in the summer
to sleep in a shadow of a garden.
He is the lightness of an angel ready to fly,
He is the light on my shoulders,
and he has the weight of a lovely homeland in the heart.
He telling me 'You still be eaten from your head
You still speak in the beginning about the results
As you are a professional in burning the middle"
Happiness according to him
A trip of words in a flamingo dance
Not allowed any mistakes in the tune.
And I am an eastern women used to shake my belle in the dance!!
David by his dreams
Scatted my joys,
He confirms that happy myths is, not more than a temporary metaphor for the heart,
That horse might failed down by a cloud of insomnia,
And that I do not own any of comings,
David on the morning of his dreams
Removes kisses that remain from mountain's wind on my features,
Removes the perform of the music far from my soul
And puts the blackout closer to my hand.

2012-Erbil.Kurdstan of Iraq