Trailing Ibn Battuta

In 1325 at the age of 22, Ibn Battuta, the great Moroccan traveler, left his home in Tangier for pilgrimage. He covered 117,000 km and travelled as far as China, even making his way to Sri Lanka in 1344. While in Sri Lanka, he traversed ten cities from the north western to southern regions—climbing the holy mountain, Adam’s Peak (or Sri Pada), venturing to Galle, the famous world heritage city of today, and stopping by Colombo before returning to where he initially landed in Pattalam. Battuta’s observations reveal a unique account of 14th century Sri Lankan society, geography, and politics. The world has changed vastly since this time and this project’s purpose is to follow Battuta’s Sri Lankan route, noting the differences and similarities since his time of travel. Lastly, the project will examine Battuta’s legacy in Sri Lanka and share the project’s outcomes with youth throughout Sri Lanka. 
October 2014-December 2015