His Poetry

Laying on this uncomfortable couch which daddy drove all night to find,

Made me realize,

I am living and breathing in a shantytown

And this sincerely made me want to drown,

As never once has this frown turned upside down.

Living life in poverty,

Resulted in mockery,

This ensured the steady strength of this armory,

Which I now wear on my body,

Never to be taken off.

Oh, gravity why’d you have to hold me down?


Laying on this thick grass,

Petrified to take a chance.

The world around me was voiceless,

All i could hear was the smooth flow of the Beatles through my ears.

And at that very moment I wasn’t hopeless.

It felt like ecstasy,

So very heavenly.

All the soreness altered to happiness.

Nothing seemed to matter.

I was living the moment on the sound waves of Beethoven’s symphony,

But I was wrong.

Even the most motionless songs have highs and lows,

And so does life.

This is probably the way things are,

And I miserably care.

I just hoped my high in life would be sooner as all I’ve been feeling are the lows.


The light in my heart that once use to glow,

Now gets dimmer every second,

I have got a soul that’s slowly fading away,

Slowly loosing grip,

Slowly loosing hope.

And that’s when our eyes met.

We stand steady on different corners of the battlefield,

Cars and others pass by so sudden it makes them seem like bullets but not even a blink,

We were too focused on each other’s view everything else sat in silence,

With no importance.

The world was on mute,

My dark soul rose from the dead.

The feeling of belief and possibility was back.

Now we spend most of our days, together, spilling ice-cream on our t-shirt, making each other laugh to the point we start crying and riding In that old bicycle of yours.

In school I see hallways filled with angry trolls, mice, parasites and one single angel,

My guardian angel.

I’ve known you from a distance,

I was hooked in an instance,

To your very existence.

What were years that seemed like days,

Have now made us stale.

A heart so pure and willing,

It will give you healing.

As rare as a white tiger and as addicting as your first cigarette.

You’d stand beside me through every nightmare and every mistake,

Till id awake.

Came to you broken,

You put be back together piece by piece,

And for every piercing fragment you took with your bare hands,

Followed by scrapes and even some wounds that turned into permanent marks,

And for that I am so sorry.

Now my heart has created its very own melancholy sort of love for you,

It reminds me of when Romeo would feel this way about Juliet.

I am oblivious to what I feel for you,

However as we got older it became more clear.


Graduation came along and so did maturity.

You moved away for some time.

This made me realize I missed my partner in crime.

I missed the human noise we crafted while sitting on those ancient swings.

I was cursed with the outline that you were simply the only one who could break this spell

But what do I know am just an outcast,

In love with an idea that probably wouldn’t have last.

This mild ache of lust,

makes my mind, run wild.

you might not have gone too far,

But you left one hell of a scar.

You shut me out with no reason,

Don’t i deserve an explanation?

This feels like treason,

Is this what I get for triggering pain to no soul but mine?

She was ignored,

He was venom with a touch of alcohol.


He left home for the road,

On his own,

Like no common soul,

I have known.

He left home for the road,

On his own,

Like no common soul,

I have known.


When you stepped back in,

I knew I was going to sin.

It all started out with that grimy, provocative yet charming look on your face,

That I never could trace.

Those confident but somewhat nervous steps you took through the crossfire to reach me,

The awful flavored chocolates and priceless flowers, that were a waste of good flowers you kept on my shaky, old and handmade doorstep which I hated secretly,

The ambiguous love notes you kept in my mailbox which I fancied openly.

I remember you said,

I was yours and you were mine

I remember I believed you.


I never responded to your affections,

I was much too frightened, much too frightened by the idea of loving someone I was never worthy of loving. All i know is touch and go, something you didn’t deserve.

Midnight driving,

High life living, you.

Double guessing,

Never living, me.

Opposites do not attract, they repel.

A beautiful soul like yours would never love an ugly soul like mine.

So ugly I hide from the mirror.

I don’t like what I see,

I hate mirrors.

Oh mother,

I am running from the arms of another,

Of another i love.

You remind me of everything I love,

You remind me of everything I was,

You remind me of everything I am.

When I soul touches another, and another after that,

You know you’re not holding on tight enough,

But holding tight enough is the only thing I would do,

If I had you.


I understand the consequences in being with you so I resist,

I refrain.

But then I hesitate, which results in me running straight, straight into your arms.

I couldn’t help but fall for you.

From nerves touch,    

To the exchange of breath.

You take me to nirvana.

The gentle press of his lips on my skin,

The annoying yet sweet-tempered sensation of his shady hair on me.

His sweaty and slippery hand that never let goes of mine,

Maybe it’s a sign.

He never loses touch,

He never did.

I wonder how a sinless soul can demonize me,

But we all have our weaknesses

Perhaps it’s because we all are stray hearts,

Lost, finding for a meaning.

I was longing to know if he wasn’t just another one of those who were just passing through,

I was hoping when the time comes he wasn’t going to leave me his scent, dirty sheets, an empty pillow and a broken heart,

But instead leave me his heart,

His whole and complete heart.


We would meet at our favorite spot in our slum.

The first time he took me to his much-loved spot we were just kids, he plainly acted like a crazy person and dragged me to an empty street at dawn, still very much confused I asked him “what are we are doing here”, he whispered to me “look to your left” and that’s when I see the sun intimate and so very vibrant, i could almost touch it.

I could feel the suns ray on my skin, sinking into my skin,

Similar to the time you let her name sink into your skin,

Tattooed to let her sink in.

Hurt, is what I felt,

Hide, is what I did.


As I walked closer to our spot to meet you I could see your eyes shine,

Staring into mine,

Just like when we were nine,

I hope this is a sign.

We would sit there for hours.

We once use to share toys at this very spot,

Now we share stories of the times we were apart,

And ones we start we never stop.


This is where we would undress each other’s hearts,

Digging deep into each other’s most undisclosed secrets, and our dreams we promise each other to chase,

On our boulevard of faith,

where we would feel safe.

Wave after wave,

You would save me,

In ways I didn’t know existed.

We would meet here when either one of us had a rough time.

We met here that night,

The night i cried,

The night you walked up to me with that arrogant smile,

Beer on your shirt,

Blood of your knuckles,

And a cigarette amongst your mouths,

Everything was grey, his smoke, our dreams.

The night you showed me your childhood scars that were imprinted onto your skin,

But mostly your heart.

You never told me the whole story to those scars but I knew it all started with a bottle of rum in the hands of a man who claimed to be your father.

You thought those scars made you ugly,

But to me you were a beautiful soul and no scar or stiches can change that.

I loved your naked soul.