The Cherry Drop


The red luscious apple was well beyond her reach.

As her limbs stretch, adrenaline courses back and forth inside and just like that, out of nowhere, her thigh muscles stiffened and she slipped and started to fall from a nine feet ladder.

As her stomach feels the strong pull of gravity, her seven year old heart feels a vigorous push of negative energy.

Her cherry coloured hair flew everywhere blinding her sight; in the same manner, doubts clouded her judgment and self esteem.

The gravity did its work and she did her: thinking if she was truly as pathetic as others describe, if she was indeed a failure and if ‘disgrace’ was the only word to describe.

She felt herself being dragged down from the seven heavens of hope and success and then being thrown into the dwelling arena of failure.

As she crashed into the reality of life and misery of shame, her knees were badly bruised, her soul shatter as her faith, inch by inch, was torn apart.


The abused freedom seemed to be well within reach, the only thing she needed was acceptance.

As she starts to believe that there is hope in the peaceful arranged marriage ahead, she found her twenty-seven years old heart was reeking the smell of wrath and her soul combating against this unholy matrimony: a war against fate but a war for love. And just like that, she finds herself drowning.

Her body sinks in a stiff fashion; it sinks in the ocean of stinking reality and newly found freedom.

As her now grown cherry stained hair, drenched with courage, blinds her drowning body… she finds a newly lit path.

A path that allows her to break away from the shackles of truth and the doomed matrimony; but, is it selfish to choose herself over her wretched foster family? Maybe yes… so?

Why should her story be based on the past? Why can’t it be in the process of being written… because she is also in the process of being?

She feels her body touching the sea bed of metamorphosis; she felt her body relaxed , her soul relaxed and whole again as she had her faith restored.