Language Essay:Bangladesh

Through my voice

As I sit in front of this screen, I wonder what there is to learn from just a language I speak.

So, let’s take a step back shall we?

For starters, Bangla is a language with a weird blend of easy grammar and strong execution. For example imagine two fine strings; each stretching from the opposite direction, as they extend they separate into finer divisions, same as a blood vessel. The divisions increase exponentially and at the centre they are enmeshed from both the sides resulting in a very maladroit bundle of clustered fibers. If you can see pass through all that clumsiness, only then will you see the raw and delicate unexpressed emotions.

It’s amusing how we barely use Bangla ourselves, be it a conversation with our friends or even updating a facebook status. We seem to give a speech in English more fluently and with more ease than when asked to give it in Bangla. But does that mean we are completely detached from our mother tongue? Certainly not! Bangla is like a secret weapon we all save for the last moment. We use it when we have to expose our deepest emotions to our closest ones, when we have to apologize or even when we have to declare our love. It is the sound of our silent cravings when we have so much to express but no idea how to. Sometimes I feel as if she hides herself inside of us until the very right moment; maybe not everyone is worth listening to it or maybe not everyone is patient enough to look through the intricate mesh of emotional fiber.

The sole reason why the culture and literature of Bangladesh is so addictive is because of her: Bangla. The perfect fusion of sweetness and mystery gives an edge to all emotions. The songs written, the poetries created and the methodology of celebrating all the occasions have a unique distinct message to give. The colors adorned, the words used and the greetings exchanged all describes how balanced Bangla is. If read carefully and observed cautiously, you will get to find the concealed meanings of all the poems and writings that were written for us hundreds of years ago. Bangla is like a key not everyone can possess, to a lock that everyone can see.

Maybe that is why Bangla has been declared the sweetest language of the year. I don’t think Bangladesh’s cultural diversity and exquisite literature would have survived without Bangla herself.

So now, as I still sit here in front of the screen, I think I realized the main magic of Bangla: it is what moulds us. For everyone out there, if you pay attention to our language you will understand us… you will understand me.