A Case of You-Joni Mitchell

Conversations mostly churn

Then turn to mist here.

When my name calls, know that I will look only after you forget.

Because stars are debating about

their space.

Can you hear my stars blushing away in the dark?


When your lips stop quivering like guitar strings,

you’ll hear the guitar strings.

Oh! and they’ll sing you songs, my

verses could never tell you.


I know that the skies are starving tonight,

and although it’s dark and weary,

it’s watchful for insomniacs.

But the blankets are over my eyes,

and look :


my area is so airy,
My area is so away.

at night, it often caresses my forehead so gently.

In dreams, I could

swallow all the air in between.

my lungs have patience,

for not refusing such density.


And when I wake up, to see

the same parched ceilings,

the same reflection

I wish strings were attached to my shoulders,

they’d pull me gently,


I would run to you.

I would run to you