Insatiable Hunger


Achilles, the mightiest of the Achaeans
brought precious prizes
for Agamemnon—the Achaean Lord
or the hunger’s epitome
who allocated defamation to his chieftain’s share
and ignited swift and shielded Achilles
into a red fireball.

In his presence
Trojan Fronts and Scaean Gates
shook in fear
rained blood
and when Achilles
thunderously warned the lustful Lord
even Hector--firm in resolve

Ego of two nations
fought a dreadful war
Achaeans too hugged death with Trojans
but with better recompense
of some more land
some more treasures
some more beauties
confiscated and treasured
and left for their Lord
to subdue, use, and enjoy.

Soldiers have fought bloody wars
and kissed death on heart
and have always done so
an undefeatable Achilles
has brought treasures home
for an Agamemnon
idly to consume

And has kept Briseis as a booty
For whom every Agamemnon
has staked an empire
and has disgraced every Achilles
seizing the treasured love
only later to find
his possessions and prize
reduced to an unappeasable cove.

What concoctions are kings made of
with properties to be tempted at
others possessions
with an appetite so insatiable?

Why do they feign Olympus
beneath the public feet though they lie
why do kings possess
fawns little heart
and dog’s fiery eye
why they with lustful art
into others domain dart?