Intermittent Melody


On a stage
musicians were engrossed
under the gaze of village and town folk
to set the chords
guitars, sitars, veenas and drums
myriads of sounds
in the making.

Audience waited longing for a fine tune.
chords were still being set
discordant voices still rang
desperate musicians and impatient audience
waited for melody to flood the pervading gloom
like the fragrance of hills in bloom.

After an eternity of impatience
chords twanged melodiously
making the audience sway
but a sudden snap jarred
and shattered the expectant crowd.

“Chords of harmony and cords of life
what a company!”
an old man from the audience exclaimed.

Soaring peaks
dark and desolate deeps
torn and unbridgeable crevices
frame the constitution of human life.

“This life reminds,”
a wise man said,
“a cord
merely a cord
on a stage.”