Normal Life!


Life is normal
only a bus carrying
infants, youth, and old
had to be gathered in scraps
only the skull of a fifteen year old
had to be collected and identified
by his mother
to find life in death
and death in life
perhaps more life in death.

Life is normal
announces the Home Department
with clarity of conscience
only a hundred batons
have left bloody scars
on a sane protestor
caught in a protest’s insanity
only a few soldiers’ boots
have rained on a lone pedestrian
only a mother in her twenties
has disappeared in an encounter
leaving behind eleven months baby
yelling and searching
his mama’s protuberant and heaving breasts.

Life is normal
a girl is working right in sixteen
mostly at cabin restaurants
where old men come
and fondle her breasts
set glasses
to gaze into her bosom
giggle showing their false white teeth
and lick their wrinkled lips
only to be noticed by a policeman
who scolds the old men
and hands them a tender theory of ethics
sends them home
and directs the girl to his lodge
throws her on a dingy overused bed
makes her lick his stiff growth
and compels her to undress herself
shuddering she complies
he enters her
and lets her go
and says life is very normal.

Life is normal
only a few POWs
have been kept in dungeons
handcuffed, nailed and nude
masked and pissed in the mouth
knifed and salted
like a green cucumber
nothing serious has happened,
has it?

Life is very normal
Only the widows in twenties dream
Their husbands bringing gifts home
only the parents
reminded by the sinking sun
stare at the way expecting the son
only the villagers
have nightmarish rash
only the inter-village commotion
requires the levelers’ pass
only equals can travel
only more equals can unravel
But life is normal
Life is very very normal.