She told me over the phone, ’Guess what, we went to Goa,
... A train-ride from Bombay, with mountains on one side
And little villages on the other, intruded by
A sublet of the sea.
We boarded a lovely cottage, partly owned
By the government and watched the sunset each evening.
Sunrise? Hah, no one gets to see that during honeymoon.’

After hanging up, as I wondered if she had mistakenly asked me...
Where could I have managed to take her?
And right then I remembered-
Laxmankaku, who enquired of his neighbours at least twice a week
Has millions of crabs, crawling in his blood.
And if investigated in little more detail-
Sand, waves or even a sea-facing room
Might just be discovered.

(Honeymoon, Dnaracchi Dorjar Baire)