Some of them

Will dread to speak straight
Maintain a distance between the cup and the lip
Will scatter bits of politeness
In a cauldron of arrogance
And conclude that it's perfectly fine...

Will find fault in the authority and their fellow-passengers
After losing their cell-phones
While returning from a trip

Will keep on bugging about extremely fashionable issues
If necessary, will champion it
And get enraged at the slightest criticism

Will swear bare-chested people, uncultured and rustic
In the night of power cut
Beside the pond in the neighbourhood
And fall in love with wolves disguised as sheep

Will fall in love, fall in love and if by chance in a mess
Will call 2481 in a moment
And consult me at first
Will also plead with me to stand by in need;

But will never offer a seat beside!
(Keu Keu, Jatotuku Mene Nite Paro)