An Open Letter

(Before BTL)

An open letter to those who thought I was anything less than divine because I was too damn ‘kali’(dark) for them.

 Why is it that suddenly you placed the concept of beauty in a jarred box? Decided that beauty was no longer relative to the beholder. Decided that beauty is a shade of skin. Decided that beauty was ‘zahir’ and not ‘batin’. Decided beauty was everything ‘normal’. Decided what was not beautiful was anything that you could not understand. God made me too damn beautiful for you to handle. You can’t bring me down with a couple of words. I am not a hollow house of cards. But you need to stop uttering those words because you are wasting your breath. I wont change anything about myself especially the color of my skin for my family, or forsociety or for some whiny little boy who needs validation for his work or marriage by marrying a ‘fair’ skinned girl. Its time people understand that yes I think i am majestic and everything holy and yes i don’t want to listen to anything you have to say if it revolves around these lines. Yes, i am proud of this skin. Yes, I will wear it not like a soldier, but like a goddess. Try to stop me. Try to tell me I am anything less than divine. I am not just a shade of ash or mud. I refuse to become a trophy wife or employee whose art or craft or passion is not valued. I won’t be marginalized by my face. I am much more than just my appearances and you better understand that. My words are swords and they will cut through as sharp as yours did. I am the water that erodes stones and the wind that carves mountains. Are you still looking for a pretty girl? I am not a porcelain puppet, i will not conform to your standards of beauty. I will be everything dark and the sun that blinds your eyes and the universe that your pea sized brains can’t fathom. I will be the deep pits of Hell. I am the pen that impregnates the paper. I am the Prophet’s beloved, Bilal. I am Qais's Laili. You cant control me. You can’t change me.