Hunky Nuts Lupus


Could the Singaporean applicant not have protested
and thrust a poem of simple scenery instead?

Spot the ancient croc submerged in green,
bifocal periscope scanning for terrorist movement.

Lensed, the Japanese schoolgirl gasps,
an albino python wraparound for evidence.

In the beginning, Man created Heaven,
snow globes and letter openers for the tourist.

Our sky is devoid of emotional detritus.
On Ground Zero, visitors fluff for a jerk-off scene.

Here's a banana peel flung from the ring.
Whatta manna? You expect a durian anthem.

Kindly turn off your irresponsible mobile and
don't feed me despite my Golden Tamarin plea.

I am a meerkat standing erect on a tree stump.
A polite label explains who I am and who eats me.

The handsome Fuhrer raises his head high.
But all the African Nazi has as audience is me.

His body language – torso taut totem and paws
arched like potato chips – spells gladiatorial salutation.

Today the lexical march-past comprises comrades
armed with corporate brollies and patriotic digicams.

Did you miss me on August the 9th? Flash. Auto-
roaming peacock folds its tale and scuttles away.

This national lubrication is a zoological conceit.
Stop puffing and zoom in upon Bloomingdales.

A wolf howls a parliamentary monologue.
A bear, out of range, rubs against gentle rock.