Farkhonda Rajabe

Farkhonda Arzooaby RAJABE  (poet, journalist; Afghanistan) is a poet, journalist and human rights activist. The author of the short story collection [Cold Hands] (2008), she has also edited poetry collections of young regional poets, among them Drang dar Rang [Focus on Color] and Farda Waraq Bezan [Look Forward to the Future]. She directs the Partaw Cultural House in Mazar-i-Sharif, whose Dari-language monthly Partaw she edits. Her articles have been published and broadcast by the Dari daily Hasht-i-Subh, and by Deutsche Welle. She is a graduate student in the Department of Dari Literature at the Faculty of Languages and Literature of Balkh University. 

Farkhonda  is one of the nine original Silk Routes: Heritage, Trade, Practice project participants who met in the Maldives in the spring of 2014 to discuss shared heritages and writing traditions. She is currently conducting a Silk Routes mini-grant entitled, "Silk Routes Short Story Festival."