Images …images
these are just images,
old images,
new images,
images of youth,
images of old age,
images of the open life
in spite of the ferocity of bullets,
images of the open death
sucking from the breast of savagery,
images of boys who lay down
on the terraces,
images for the girls whose lips
are decorated with smiles
images of lovers their emotions
gleam in the mid-day,
images of lost wishes,
images where the past accumulates
like silence
and sleeps alone,
images from which the flowers of oblivion
images of vague dreams,
images of insanity
laughingly celebrating
the fire,
images of the Tatars,
images of the players of the band
who noticed their instruments have no strings,
images of the raped books
and the girls whose papers were cut,
images of carriages ridden by devils
to pass along god's rope to the creatures,
images of singers
hugging eternity
and the Oscar prizes,
images of the Goddess of the cemeteries
digging with her dark fingers
searching for the remains of her lost child
darkness drove him away,
images of winners,
images of losers,
these are not just images.

April 27th/2005