Morning star: like a signal
To stop. In the hard air words venture, through night,
In sleep: somnambulists plan, on the wings of a cloud, bare,
Towards a cape

That sometimes disappears...


(for M.K)

In the beginning,
No beginning, only
The silvery glimpse of a history,
Solid as a rock,
Or the lotus.

Till you, Shiva,
Ashen faced, plough lined,
Danced the...


(for J.F.R, with thanks to Michael Longley)

I will tell you this;
That love, is the art
Of green hands, nestled
Keen as the root,
In red earth.

Here, where my body
Grows thin...


(an episode from the Sejarah Melayu – the Malay History)

And then several horses and cows and goats were slaughtered. Rice crusts collected in a mound. Water for the ceremony amounted to an ocean upon which...